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  1. hello  my site has disappeared today. i haven't been in the backend of the site in about a week or so, but i was on the main site earlier this afternoon and it was fine. everything should be updated properly, plugin etc. what should i do?    www.tedfury.com   when i go to my login bookmark for my browser i get sent here.    http://p3nlhclust404.shr.prod.phx3.secureserver.net/SharedContent/404.html   please help. my site is due for a very important relaunch in mid july.     
  2. Hello. I am using PageLines Framework 2.4.1 WordPress ver. 3.5.1 Everything was fine and working perfectly. Suddenly, Features on Home page, with 10 images, has stopped working. The number icons show on bottom of Features screen and they cycle through, but images are showing as a black screen. I am most grateful for your assistance. Here is the page: http://www.curryforstatesenate.com/
  3. No posts on BLOG page

    I can't seem to show any blog posts on the blog page. Here is what I've done to troubleshoot. I deactivated all plugins, and there is no cache plugin. I setup blog in Settings >> Reading >> Static Page after I created a page called "blog". I checked the Pagelines >> Site Options >> Blog and Posts, all good there as best I can see. I've also checked Pagelines >> Page Options >> 404 page and only "content" is added so that should be good. Also, when I created the blog page, I didn't change template, its simply set to default. All I verified that posts are set to public / published. Also, I can see the blog posts in the WPTouch version of the site just fine. Is there anywhere else I should look.

    Hello! I'm at nearly 30 extensions now, and the level of support and maintenance is, in itself, a full-time gig now. As a result, the prices of my products in the PageLines Store went up on the 1st of February. If you're interested, you can read more about these changes at the link below. http://nickhaskins.com/2013/01/price-increase/ Thanks to all of you who have supported this decision, and I'm looking forward to developing more extensions and themes geared to make your life easier. Nick "Bearded Avenger" Haskins