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  1. Refund Billing

    Hello Pagelines, I no longer use pagelines services. I have deactivated the automatic annual payment. But it already charged to my credit card. Since I cancelled my contract before the end, Can I request to refund?
  2. Billing details invoice

    Hi, I have to change billing details (when exporting mz invoice in .pdf) Name and surname company address I tried to change it but I did't find the way to do it. Tnx
  3. BILLING - Refund

    Hi James, Hope you are well, Please cancel my subscription #308672 and make refund on MasterCard
  4. BILLING: Wrong invoice on my account

    Hello, PageLine Team, I've sent a few emails about my issue but I haven't got any reply. I need to change my billing info ( I try to insert right info but I can change only my company name, and I need to change also my address) However my first problem is that my invoice of January is wrong. I need to insert right company info: Art is Therapy SRL VAT NUMBER: 07847150724, Via Umberto, 210 bis- 76125 Trani (BT) ITALY. Please help me to solve my problem ASAP. Wait in your news! Best Regards Marco Zagaria invoice-323141.pdf
  5. Who can I contact in regards to billing and changes to an account? I have a few questions I need to ask regarding a site I had built for my client.   Thank you in advance.   Regards,   May S. Young