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  1. Hello I just purchased the Better-Carousel section. Love the improvement regarding responsive layout for mobile devices. But. Don't love the formatting compared to the original - I'm using the iBlogPro5 theme. And have switched back to the original carousel as a result. Is it possible to just implement the responsive capability and leave the rest of the settings based on the original carousel?
  2. Hi. there is a way to add action (trought hook) in better carousel - content-pad? i need add link text beside better carousel. www.semglutensemlactose.com. i dont know how. tks for any help.
  3. I have just bought better carousel and the multiple category feature is just what I needed. However, I seem to have lost a few options that I had in the carousel section. I would like to specify (as before) to display 4 images at a time and it scroll through 10 moving along 3 at a time. I now only have the option to put in 'items to show'. When I put in 4 it only displays 4 items, does not scroll and the images are bunched up to the left. Is there a way I can control this and I would like the images to spread out evenly across the page. Very grateful if you could help? Regards Nikki
  4. Hey Nick - Glad to have a reponsive carousel, but... I know that neither the new or old carousel could link to pages, but I REALLY wanted it to work so I thought I'd try a little workaround I've used before. I added a plugin "Map Categories to Pages" - thinking it might just work - and it didn't. Any simple fix to get your section to recognize Pages (not posts) that have been assigned a category?