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  1. bbPress - Connecting the dots...

    Site: http://sisteronabudget.com WP, Pagelines, browsers, etc. are all latest versions.   I installed bbPress and the bbPress Integration plugin. Both are activated.   A couple of questions...   1. I want the Forum to be located under "Gossip" link in the Navigation Bar. How do this? I didn't see a way to do it with Appearance > Menus   2. Is there a tutorial on bbPress? Is there a tutorial on how to integrate bbPress with Pagelines?   3. Does anyone have a good example of how they used it with their site?   Thanks for your help!   Jeff
  2. I've implemented bbpress with the integration offered by pagelines and have two odd issues. The first is that the widget for logins has a blank button for some reason (see screenshot below) and the second is that the user profiles page shows a large blank space (see http://www.cmscritic.com/users/mjohnston/topics/) where it should actually show a topic that I created. Latest version of Pagelines, WordPress and bbPress. Normally, i'd expect to be able to see the issue when examining with firebug but in this instance, I can't seem to figure it out.
  3. Hi guys, After realising it was simply impossible (?) to use Platform theme together with Buddypress, i've been looking around for a while and finding contradictory information. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/pagelines-platform-theme-is-not-compatible-with-buddypress?replies=1 Could someone please post what PageLines themes are really and fully compatible both with bbPress and Buddypress?
  4. I just created the first topic in my new forum here: http://residentevilsix.net/community/forum/resident-evil-6/re6-discussion/ There is a weird issue with the voices/posts/freshness columns. They look all bunched together even though they have plenty of room. Anyone else experience this issue too ?