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  1. Base Child Theme

    Where can I download the BASE Child Theme... It says in the documentation in the DMS Store but I don't see it anywhere.   Thanks
  2. I understand that the Base child theme is for developers to create new child themes, and that you recommend non-developers to use the Pagelines Customize Plug-in. I am a non-developer, and I have the customize plug-in. My current challenge is that I want the PostNav to only show posts that are within the same category, and for that I need to edit section.php inside the postnav section folder of pagelines. Since I don't want to loose my edits with each of your next updates, I figured that installing the base child theme and copying my modified section.php file there was the best thing to do. This is working, but creating another problem: the base child theme is now messing up my header by showing a brandnav menu with a link to all my pages (not posts). How/where can I tweak this configuration? The base child theme should not impact / interfere at all with the header and navigation menu of the main theme. Thank you.