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  1. I'm a newbie, so I'm still learning.  I can't seem to figure out how to separate the header template area from the top of the site, or top bar at the very top of the site.  What I want is to bring the header template area down some, so that you can see my background image.   I don't know how to even go about giving that a class, or code it in custom code.  Can anyone help me please. Thanks.  
  2. I have upgraded to PageLines Lite from Platform for my site.   I have tried to modify the theme of the navigation bar at Pagelines -> Site Options -> NavBar -> Select Theme   However, no matter how I tried, the navigation is always in Light Grey.   Even after I reset all settings and even import the settings from my Pagelines test drive (http://ernestek.pagelines.me/), it always appears the same.   Any ideas how I can change the theme of the navigation bar?   Thanks!
  3. menu bar pla

    Hi, How do i place the menu like in the screenshot i've attached thx for your help Best
  4. For some technical reasons, we had to reinstall everything from scratch but after the process, we started experiencing some issues related to theme and thumbnails. 1- The Apple Style menu seems so thick. It used to be thinner than what it seems now. This is the screenshot I copied from Google cache... Not it looks like this: Even the outline is different. The second question is about the featured images shown incorrectly. Previously, when we define a featured image and then publish the article, we could get a 150x150 pixel thumbnail but this time we only get a resized of the featured image. Our features images have a size of 1070 px to 250 px. When the images were resized, we used to have a portion of the image at a size of 150x150 px. The difference can be seen in the screenshot... There are 4 posts you can see. The last one is one of the old ones and the other three are the new posts. You can see the difference. I have checked the Wordpress settings from WP Admin >> Settings >> Media and all the thumbnail settings are defined there....
  5. Hi guys, First time writing here. I just started a new site www.xkdnjzja.com, and I'd like to know what I need to do to use a Google font for the nav bar text. Thanks in advance. Chris.