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  1. Nomenclature Confusion

    I don't even know what name to ask about. My website mylateralevolution.com was all set up and going and after some weird weeks of images randomly not loading and widgets not working it's somehow sorted itself out. BUT a few days ago I opened the page and out of nowhere at the top of my content was a pagelines image..um..carousel?...with 3 pagelines images rotating through. I didn't put it there. It wasn't there for weeks. Just appeared.    One of the FIRST things I did when setting up and importing my blog was to delete all the default pagelines images and watermarks, and this thing disappeared, but now it's back. Except now when I search through all the menus in pagelines/wordpress I cannot find them anywhere in order to remove them. Every spot with a browse/upload space for an image is blank, and the images aren't in my media list. They're ghooooosts.    Is there another place I'm not looking? Is it a default jetpack thing (can't find info there either)?   **Suggestions for Pagelines especially for newbies who might learn visually...a support page, with images of multiple website/blog screens with tons of content... And arrows. With labels of what that thing or section is. And links saying "if you want to change this, go here on the menu."  And let us figure it out from there?
  2. I'm using banners on a page with text and images side by side. I would like to add a class to the images so I can style them. Is there a way to do this? I don't have much experience with hooks but think that might be the way.
  3. http://goo.gl/vVGeR That is my URL. When I'm logged in it looks great. When I'm logged out the images drop down far. I tried to switch up where I put the banners (content vs template) but it did not make a difference. I used to have the blog below the banner and it worked like that but that's not what I want anymore. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. I don't know css, that is why I wanted to use a drag and drop theme--and I've used PageLines on 3 other websites. But now I'm trying to place a banner at the top (and eventually will need one at the bottom) of the page. I've got the banner placed, but there's too much padding. Here's the site: http://ccusers.org/
  5. Hi I'm trying to center the banner in www.mototematicos.com, it works for all browsers, but in safari the banner sticks to the left. I modified the css to the following: DIV.banner-media.pprand DIV.banner-media-pad.pprand-pad img{ width:80%; position:absolute ; ; margin-top:-26px; }
  6. Hi all, can someone help me with a css change? I want to change the padding between a certain banner type, see the two at the bottom of this page... http://www.istianjin.org/index.php/our-enrollment-process/admission-process/ I'd like to reduce the spacing between them if possible... but the tricky bit is only applying the padding reduction to one particular category of banner (Banner - Advertising) and not the others Not played about with css too much before! Thanks Barney
  7. How do I change the background for specific banners? I already know how to change the background for banners on a specific page, but now I have multiple banners on one page that I would like to customize. Having a hard time finding it in the forums, so please redirect me if this topic has already been answered.
  8. table spacing

    so I have a flash animation in a widget to make it a banner, I decided to make the banner smaller and put some information beside it and put it in a table so it would work, there was some odd spacing going on so I put some style coding to fix it but now there is odd spacing at the bottom of the table. http://ctlinternational.ca/wp/ here is my code: <table> <tr> <td style="position:relative;bottom:200px;"><h3>Home</h3>CTL Business Group Limited was established in 2007. We have offices in Calgary, Canada and Taipei, Taiwan. Our professional staffs and partners provide practical business management experiences to the clients.</td> <td align="right">[swfobject]263[/swfobject]</td> </tr> </table>
  9. Hey all, I've recently noticed that all the banners used in a TEMPLATE section only seem to appear if viewed in Chrome & Safari, viewing in IE & Firefox they do not show. It's worth noting that I have set the banner module as an active section within the TEMPLATE 2 layout and switched it to 'not show' as default, then I re-enable the banner module on each individual page using whatever banner I need from a preset selection (I also hide the header on these pages to surpress the default header). I designed it this way in order to style each section with a unique header. Can someone please check the following page and tell me if they see the header banner or not? I have checked in various different browsers and am getting very mixed results... http://www.istianjin.org/index.php/our-promise/welcome-from-the-director/ I'm wondering if I've knackered it somehow? Thanks! Barney
  10. banner title text align

    hey guys, the url is: http://refined.huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/team/ I want to right align the titles of the banners that are right aligned. I realize I could use: #banners .banner-title h2 { font-size:1.5em; } but that will right align everything. How can I break it down the css? thank you!
  11. Spacing of Banners

    ok, so I am trying to style the banners so they are smaller, and have less space around the content. I am using the correct css, I think but when I adjusted the margins with this: then it did this: http://screencast.com/t/TxrcrUik which is great, but it didn't take effect on all of them. This has always perplexed me because I never know exactly where to find the other css to change. http://screencast.com/t/uGExouXeKSQf I would think that that rule would be able to apply anywhere. Its probably some simple thing I couldn't remember. thanks for the help in advance. http://refined.huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/benefits/
  12. Header Problems

    I would like the header of the site I'm working on to be filled with the header image, and go edge to edge with no padding on either side. I do not want the image to shrink to fit. I tried using the feature built in to PL of adding a custom header image. At first it was there, though it had shrunk to fit into the padded area. Then it disappeared, and I tried everything to get it back. I gave up on that. Then, I made a banner that contained the graphic, and dropped the banner into the header. That worked better, but it was still being pushed over by the padding. I tried a left margin of -10px, to no avail. I tried different CSS things, trying changing the padding on selectors that I could guess at. I also want the menu to touch the sides - not be squished in by padding. How do I get rid of the left and right padding in the main website area? What is the best method to use for putting an image in the header? www.thehomeschoolingcoach.com Thanks!
  13. Hi There, Can anybody explain to me why I get banners on my homepage when I haven't put them there myself? They appear occasionally at the bottom of the site underneath the Pagelines icon. I've tried to include a screenshot, but no The banners are published on this domain: www.actcommunicatie.nl
  14. We are using PlatfromPro 1.5.3. The navigation bar and banner are not showing up on mobile devices. After searching the forum for clues I still can;t figure out why. I've tried different themes and have used the switcher settings to no effect. I've treid different mobile themes as well. Still, I can't believe this is a complicated issue. Is there a simple way to enable the banner and nav bar on my site? http://peoplescongress.org [email protected] or [email protected]
  15. I want to display different banners in the header, as a slide show, with transition effects. How can i do that? thanks
  16. Hi! I want the banner area to display different images with a transition effect, as a slideshow. How can i do this? Thanks in advance.
  17. I'm sure I'll be able to work around this but annoyingly the image used for the banner at http://elementally.net/ is not showing up in IE. Any ideas about why? Thanks
  18. Hi The banner area at http://blog.aliumpartners.com/ is showing a 1 pixel space down the side of the image. This is annoying and I do need to sort this out before releasing to the client. Before the update to 2.3 is was not there... I've tweaked and searched, but can I find that pixel... Any suggestions welcome Thank you
  19. Hi there I recently upgraded to v2.2.5 and found that on the home page only the header image doesn't sit flush against the body and the header strip. It is fine on the other pages. This applies on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Explorer 9. I looked through as many posts as I could but found none related, but if anyone has found the answer can they let me know where to look. Thanks site = http://www.zippynutsocialmedia.co.uk
  20. Hi Just trying to set up a blog for a client and they want a related posts option. The trouble with this is that we have a banner in the header section, and that tries to add a related post, so throwing it beyond its box. Has anyone used a Related Posts plugin that will only pick up the posts (some offer tick boxes to select, but still they show up on my banner)? Site is at http://elementally.net for now (but please excuse the design - temporary to match the website). Thanks