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  1. Hi there, How i can remove the active and hover background color from navmenu? I'm using simple CSS Lite but removing color doesn't work.. i have usual a lite grey on active and hover. Thanks for fast replay SF
  2. I have been trying so that my site have two background colors. The content will have white, while either the sidebars or the margin have another color. On PageLines Layout Editor I have customized so that the content area is 1148px, so it is space for margin. But when I use Firebug I can't find any margin css code. So I tried to give the sidebars background color instead. I saw that on Firebug my sites name for the class for the sidebars are two-sidebar-center. So on custom code I added the code: #two-sidebar-center { background-color: #6BB99A; } Nothing happened. What is missing? Am I on the right direction or am I lost? My site is http://www.sailubju.com/blog/