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  1. I used a two column layout to get a logo and the social icons into the header but I also need a background image to sit to the right of the header content. I can't use another media box because I need the social icons to sit in this area.    Using the background image option in the header didn't seem to work  - it was scaled up which was ok but I couldn't get it in the right position.    Next option:  I created a class and used CSS to get the image loaded but the positioning just doesn't work - ( I also tried with %).    .header { background-image:url('http://nicholaspealldesign1.com.gridhosted.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/background3.png'); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:top right; }   This is the page:  http://nicholaspealldesign1.com.gridhosted.co.uk/   Maybe someone has better way of doing this? This is the header spec I received from the client which is just a guide.... http://nicholaspealldesign1.com.gridhosted.co.uk/header/   And a PS. the current setting isn't so bad in chrome but in Firefox it doesn't render correctly at all - the social icons knock the background graphic to the left.
  2. HI all, For several months I have cringed at the background image on my blog's home page -- http://covvha.net/agent-orange-gmo-monsanto-dioxin/ The silver mess is an old background for site wide settings with no repeat. Obviously it has been removed from all of my other pages and individual blog article pages, replaced by the watermark of our logo. I have looked thru all image files to remove it, edited meta, and of course and most obvious, set the background image time and time again in the page via edit page background. The image will upload and follow directions for settings. Upon saving and reloading, the image is gone, setting are gone, and still the silver crap on the page with the specific page background settings empty once again. The silver background is literally a ghost that is haunting me!.. Please help me get it off of my site! Thank you in advance! Kelly CovvHa.net
  3. Hi, I'm building a site for a friend, www.youngcardriver.com I've uploaded a background image to the main page but I cant get it to show in any browser. Weirdly, it does show when viewing on an iphone/ipad. Cant see what I'm missing....can anyone make a suggestion for me? Thanks V Much Gareth Website URL: www.youngcardriver.com Framework Version: 2.4.1 WordPress Version: 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: All disabled...
  4. I'm trying to set a background image (it's really just a PNG file of a light gray background), but every time I upload it, it only appears in the footer when I want it to be the content area, and/or the whole/most of the page if need be. Why would that be? I've even tried adjusting it on the site wide Pageline Global Settings page (even though I only want it on the "Portraits" pages - including the corresponding sub categories), but it also is only appearing in the footer. Any advice? Thanks! Url : http://s5295.sites.pressdns.com/
  5. My background image will not put itself in the right place, I have been struggling with this for a while. First it seemed to be 'stuck' on the bottom right, now it's in the middle but won't show the top of the image. The settings are correct in pagelines but it doesn't seem to matter. http://www.amandaforsyth.com/wp/
  6. Hi there, I searched around for this but couldn't find a thread. I want to use a full width background image, but I do not want the image to show through Content area or the Post Loop area. I want the back ground image to show only on sides of the site, the area that is usually filled with a white background color. I'd also like to try an option where the Header, Page Templates, MoreFoot, Footer area have solid white background between sections and the background image is only visable on the sides. I'm loving the framework. Getting to know it and am wanting to use it on a lot of sites. Thanks, Jeff
  7. Hello All, Is there an easy way to code hiding background images on mobile sites? With responsive design, the background image is getting moved over the text on the mobile screens on my sites. TYIA, ~eric
  8. Hello, I'm trying to recreate an existing site to the pagelines framework. I would like to add a background image to either the morefoot area or the footer area, but nothing works with whatever CSS I try. For now I have been adding it to the Custom CSS area. I am using firebug but I can't seem to get the right CSS levels. This is the background image I want to add: http://www.motivawebconsulting.com/tpotest/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/footer_bg.jpg This is the URL of my test site. I'd appreciate any direction. Thanks, Antonella
  9. I'm using PagelinePro. I am using some of my categories as menu links, but when you click on these links, the background image does not show up. If I make a "standard" page (like an "about us" or "contact us" page) for the menu bar the background image shows up for that page. I went in the setup for category pages and uploaded the image there as well, but still no luck. Is there a way to make my global background show up on all pages, including the category pages? site: http://www.ezkool.com
  10. Pagelines Drag & Drop looks great with this website I made: http://sakyongmedia.com However, I am having a problem with my background image not repeating properly on pages with very little content as seen here: http://www.sakyongmedia.com/daily-contemplation-december-17th-2012/ Can anyone offer advice how to remedy this problem? Thank you for your assistance.
  11. http://koruhealing.co.nz/?page_id=21 Hi there - Having trouble getting the background image of of the quickslider section to display the whole image, it is cutting off above the bottom of the quickslider image. Any suggestions?
  12. Hi, Until last week, I had a background image on my website www.assessmentcoaching.nl. It was coded in the custom code section and showing up just fine on all browsers. Last week I tried to change the background image to "lineaal.png". It is supposed to look like a kind of ruler along the top of the page. I uploaded the new image, copied the image URL and used it to replace the URL that was already there in the custom code section in PlatformPro. I also deleted the old image file in the media section. However: the new image is not showing up for some reason! What did I do wrong? (P.S. I have looked at many posts on this forum that seem to deal with the same issue but didn't manage to find a solution). Thanks for your help!
  13. Background Image

    I don't have a background image on my home page and I don't want one, but it appears to be looking for one and gives me a small black box in the center of the home page. Please help. Thanks, Ginny www.audaciousgroup.com/dev
  14. I've created a nice background image for my (new, unpublished) static home page. I selected and uploaded it from my media library just for this one page, saved, but it dosn't show in preview. Do I need to set it up elsewhere in PL too?
  15. Hello I am looking for a way to change the background image on my home page every time the page refreshes. I have found a few plugins (not Pagelines plugins) but there are a couple problems with them. Mainly the one that I found (Background Manager) disables my feature slider on the home page. Very frustrating b/c it is a great plugin otherwise. So I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a Pagelines plugin that will do this or of any other plugins that you think will work. Or I suppose if you have any suggestions as to why the Background Manager plugin is disabling my Feature Slider, that'd be great too. I'm stuck on this one. Thanks a lot!
  16. When uploading a backgtound image and select the tile option, the footer area remains white. I would like for the same background to fill the entire page (like it does when you supersize the image).
  17. Hi there.. I'm trying to set a .jpg image like a background.. and i'm trying to set the postion but in vertical and orizontal doesn't work.. the image is 1300 x 1300 pixel (72) Site: www.stefanoferruggiara.com Thanks for fast reply;)
  18. Hi there, I just create custom section and I need it to have background option selector (select image, background repeat, background potition). I copy the code from pageline code 'page_background_image' => array( 'title' => __( 'Site Background Image (Optional)', 'pagelines' ), 'shortexp' => __( 'Setup a background image for the background of your site', 'pagelines' ), 'exp' => __( 'Use this option to apply a background image to your site. This option will be applied to different areas depending on the design mode you have set.<br/><br/><strong>Positioning</strong> Use percentages to position the images, 0% corresponds to the <strong>top</strong> or <strong>left</strong> side, 50% to center, etc..', 'pagelines' ), 'type' => 'background_image', 'selectors' => cssgroup('page_background_image') ), and chage parameter name. The selector show up, but it CANNOT save, It's back to default state after save. Do you have any suggestion? or some example of section that have background option selector. Thanks
  19. Hi, From what I read from the How to's section, I understand that I can add different background images to different pages. However for some reason, whatever background image I added in individual page setup section will not appear . Instead the background image I set in Color Control always take over. Am I doing something wrong here? Mine is Pagelines Framework 2.2.1 Thank you, Tom