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  1. Inline styles problem

    <div class="blocks box-media-pad" style="min-height: 235px;"> Hi Adam, the above is part of the HTML for the anything boxes. Why is here an inline style? I causes empty space in my boxes and I don't see the point from this min-height. I have the anything boxes with one image on the left and only one box per row. The height of the div shouldn't be influenced by an inline style I was thinking.   Also there is an other rule. <div class="abboxgraphic img " style="width: 22%; max-width:680px"> Last time I spoke with you via e-mail about this problem. Because the width (22%) is set with an inline style, I cant get my image as big as i would like to have it.   Can you maybe add classes in your coding instead of inline style so we can override this with our own CSS?   Hope to hear from you.   Kind regards,   Willem
  2. Is it possible to state an offset for query_posts in "Anything Boxes"? I need to show the latest post on the top in a Feature and the rest of the posts in Anything Boxes. Could you please show me how I can do that, or if it is possible could you you add this in the setting?
  3. <img src="http://oudisnieuw.net.websrv.makeweb.nl/images/cafestoel-volendam-225x300.jpg" alt="Cafestoelen" style="max-width: 100%"> Hi Adam, in the above code you see that in your coding the image gets the ALT tag from the pagetitle. However, it is possible to give an alt text with every image in WP. My preference would be that the alt tag is from the image, or that we can manage this inside your plugin. Can you change this (important for SEO). Kind regards, Willem
  4. Hi Adam, Here our conversation by e-mail about allowing tags for the excerpt. I'll post it again here as a feature request since I did not see it being implemented. Kind regards, Willem
  5. Maybe it's just me, but I kind off expected Anything Boxes to include all sub-categories when I choose a parent category. Why doesn't it? Can I make it do that? Hooking off every sub-category of my News category is cumbersome, especially when I add new sub-categories quite often.
  6. Anything Boxes sorting problems

    Hi Adam, I have a few questions. 1) I use pages and subpages for my website. Is there any way I can manually order the boxes for these pages? None of the sorting options works for me. 2) When I check 'Page' for 'Check wich post types to use' in the 'Site default' >>> why is this not visible when I look to the Anything boxes settings on a specific page. - Same for Boxes per row. In sitedefault I use one, on the specific page it shows me 'Select'. - Same for 'Show the excerpt'. In sitedefault this is checked, on the specific page it's unchecked. - Same for 'Box thumb style'. - Same for both 'Box Ordering Options'. 3) I noticed the Box Ordering Options don't work if you have Post type order plugin installed. However, this plugin Post type order, you can not use for pages. So if somebody wants to use the Box Ordering Options (for the pages) and the Post type order plugin (for the posts) this will not work together. Kind regards, Willem
  7. Anything Boxes supports custom post types, which is nice, but I have trouble using it. I'd like to use it to show events created with the Events Manager plugin, but it is difficult to figure out how to do it, or if it's even possible. I assume I should use custom fields, but I can't figure out what exactly to put there. Basicly I'd like to do this: - Order boxes by event date (rather than their posted date) - Only show future events - Display boxes only from some Event categories
  8. Hi Generally like this plugin, but it has x2 major drawbacks that I need to cover. 1. You cannot order by menu_order 2. You can only have up to 5 items on a row These are really restricting me. Can you please advise gow to patch/fix asap. As the second is a filterable values might I suggest that for update you simply add a text box that can hold any figure? I would need up to 10 columns personally. Thanks Glennyboy
  9. I put an anything boxes-section on top of the author page, and want it to show recent posts from a category. But it will only show posts (ie boxes based on posts) from the author, so mostly it doesn't show anything (since the author still has no posts in the category). Is there any way to fix this? Seems like a bug.