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  1. Hi, I am using amember 4.x and pagelines. I like very much the different templates I can use for pages. amember has an option to be embeded to the Wordpress theme. it seems that it takes the default template, how can I make to use a specific template ? (say Template 4) In the pic.below, amember is using a default layout. I want to assign a specific template # Thanks, Luis
  2. Hello there, i am using Pagelines in wordpress multisite. I am using also amember for subscriptions. When I put the amember code in the magazine blog http://www.lacasarojas.com/rojasmagazine/boquita-de-rosquilla/ This page loses its layout and place the sidebar below the ocntent. When I remove the protection code (amember) the page is ok. I thought it was a conflict with a plugin so I tested deactivating them one by one but doesn't solve the problem. In the main area, for instance here http://www.lacasarojas.com/system-requirements/ it works perfect and i am using the same plugins.. Please advice. Thanks Luis