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  1. Hi, I am the manager of Cleantech Blog (www.cleantechblog.com). I've been using iBlogPro4 successfully for a couple years. Everything is fine now with the body in the center. When I switch to new Framework (v2.4.1) with and without the iBlogPro, the body becomes left aligned. All pages including the homepage becomes left aligned. Even with all of the plugins turned-off, the alignment goes to the left. I've tried specifying float:center in the css for the body but nothing seems to work. Are there other options I can try? Thank you, Frank
  2. The top-menu works great, but when you change the scale of the browser, there is a button when you push on it, opens a menu that is on top of all. How to edit the menu responsive? http://migrationspace.com/ Thank you!
  3. Yes, I've searched the docs and the forums (and the google). That's where i found Danny's omgwtfbbq, which made me laugh for awhile. Having trouble w margins padding vertical space w rows/spans. Trying to set up a little table-like area. As you can see the last entry (booze) stops way short of the right margin. Also, there's a huge whitespace between the line of text and the well below it. I can't set up CSS to work with it if I don't know WHAT it is (the default margins, etc.) Can you help? Thank you. http://screencast.com/t/G5J20Sta http://paste.pagelines.com/8i5 http://www.capemyers.com/nevermind-awesome/
  4. Buddypress compatibility

    Hey guys, I am using Pagelines to create a community website that will be the first in Romania dedicated to people diagnosed with cancer and leukemia and creating a database with those persons and putting them in touch one with another to share facts on how to get through their struggle and also putting them in touch and with a community of doctors, volunteers and sponsors. I want them to have the benefits of having an internal message system and to be able to write, share photos etc etc and all the stuff Buddypress offers. Pagelines Team came with great support, they helped me buying a pro license and my work in building a modern website is so easy and i love the product. In the past the team helped with some other requests but now a series of task will oblige me to create several threads and i think it is better to discuss all in one so.... is there anyone in the team assign now or in the past but still in the team to know how to work in upgrading the Buddypress compatibility withing PageLines framework? I almost got in a fight with the Buddypress support team as i need some help with many items involving the Buddypress part withing Pagelines, many elements do not align right, cross browser compatibility needs to be updated within the code, overall making the compatibility only 50 percent usable. I do not want to create several threads and bother lots of moderators or team members. I think the plugin withing Pagelines core needs some update, if you guys think of course that part of of support is part of your road-map of course, maybe we can work on this together through the items i am gonna report?
  5. Hi I'm currently working on a site for a client and they would like me to align the drop down menus on the main nav bar with the main menu item. They would also like the width of the drop downs to be reduced a little too. Please could you point me in the right direction of where I need to head to edit the css? Attached is a mock up image of what I'm wanting to do. I'm using the latest release of Pagelines and the Base Child Theme. http://justinphnoble.com/demo/ Thanks Justin
  6. Hi there, I would like to know how to center-align my blog post titles so they are centered, just like the content of the posts. The URL is: www.aprilialove.com Cheers.