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  1. I am using Magazine Style posts on my blog page. I noticed that the default behavior is to automatically set the "min-height" attribute to adjust to the height of the clips so they match in size, and fit the title and excerpt nicely within.    I'm trying to take the metabar and, using CSS, align it to the bottom of the clip. While normally this would seem straightforward using the "position" attribute, the way this is designed prevents this.   I've been looking at the code, and it's the following line that controls the height of the clips:   <div class="hentry-pad blocks" style="min-height: 611px;">   Does anyone know how I could accomplish this?    My site is local, but I've attached a screenshot for reference: http://ge.tt/97sXqVn/v/0?c
  2. I don't use any background color at 200rooms.com. Posts, post excerpts and right sidebar are indented slightly on both sides below nav bar. Is there a way to align both sides vertically?
  3. Box image align right

    Any chance I can get the box image to align right? In my case not every box will have an image and I'd like to keep all of my titles aligned left vs as shown in screenshot.
  4. Ok, I'll admit that I've searched and seen a few topics on this with various suggestions, but unless I'm seeing wrong, they all seem to be prior to 2011. So here is my request for updated info based on the framework in it's present version. How do I align any of the nav bars to the right of the branding logo? I don't have a site built as yet, and I've used some css before to kind of get the effect, but it's always messy when trying to make it look good in a responsive setting. So i'd really like some advice in what is currently the best was to do this and which nav type would this work best with. I just want to hear the current methods before i start thinking about using it in my layout idea.
  5. I have 3 buttons, one in each column of the More Footer Section on the home page. Could you please tell me how to anchor or force the middle and right buttons to the bottom of their More Footer columns so they will be in a horizontal line with the button in the first More Footer Left column? Better yet align all three to the bottom of the footer because depending on the amount of text in each column, it could change on which column is the longest. I would also like to narrow the column text widths (add more space between the columns). I can't seem to get that to happen either. Any help would be appreciated. http://www.thomashoben.com/
  6. banner title text align

    hey guys, the url is: http://refined.huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/team/ I want to right align the titles of the banners that are right aligned. I realize I could use: #banners .banner-title h2 { font-size:1.5em; } but that will right align everything. How can I break it down the css? thank you!
  7. In the morefoot, the title of the widgets is slightly more left aligned than the content... Any way to align them? You can see that in my morefoot footer, where the title "Categories" is more left aligned than the actual list of categories.
  8. I have a page with three columns: Side bar 1 -> Main Content -> Side bar 2. How do I ensure that side bar 1 always aligns to the left most part of the screen? http://liquidnotions.com/left/
  9. I put a Universal sidebar under my branding on BBQNewsroom.com I want the search feild to be centered underneath the logo. How would I go about doing this?