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  1. Hey, Hopefully I have a stupid question. I'm having some problems with the agenda's showing up. All that shows up on the page is the agenda container. I have tried this on Event and non-Event pages/posts. I was just running with the demo code. [event_agenda] [event_agenda_item time="10" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="12" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="2" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="4" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="6" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="8" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="10" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [/event_agenda] running the latest and greatest of wp, pg and the events plugin cheers, -T