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  1. Password reset not working

    I created a new account for business purposes but I have lost the password, and the password reset link does nothing. This is urgent, as we're close to launch and I'm experiencing issues with platform 5. I'm trying to reconnect my account to see if that helps, but so far, nothing is working. How can I reset my password for the account associated with [email protected]?
  2. Hi, I've a developer account and I'm building a new site in my machine. I've tried to put my credential in the Pageline Dashboard but it get always - Could not connect to PageLines as user "user". I've 2 other sites online and they are connected correctly with my user /password, but now for this one I got always error.   What could be the problem??
  3. I am still not able to login with my Pagelines account. Has been intermittent over the last week with everything that has been going on. I completely understand that and have been waiting on the sidelines while the issues have been resolved. Now that it is a week later and all issues were hopefully to be resolved on Monday, I thought I'd try again. I can't login. I can change my password, but that is all I can do. From my site I can't login to my account from with Pagelines as well. Been a paid subscriber for a while now. DMS looks promising, but, to be honest, I am a little leery of using DMS due to this past weeks debacle for a site I am working on.   Any help to restore my account would be appreciated.    Thanks, Dan Wassink
  4. Suddenly I can't login to my PageLines account in the PageLines dashboard. I can login on the PageLines website with the same credentials.
  5. Hi, I have spent a few days swapping emails with Danny & Catrina via the Help email line and Danny suggested I now post onto the forum. I have been unable to login to my account or access the Store page from the WP-Pagelines Menu. Please refer to the following link for details. Thanks and regards, Richard. http://screencast.com/t/p66To6u2y