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  1. Hello!   I use Pageline Framework. I just tried to buy and install Accordions from mysite->admin->pagelines->store->accordions, but take an error. price from admin panel is $19.99.So I went to Pagelines.com and bought Accordion section for $24.99.   After that I download zip archive and install it manually to my site. And activate it after it. And it doenst work.   Could you tell me please how i can use accordion section in Pageline Framework? And where i can download plugin?   my login dimabushkov   Thank you.
  2. Hi there,   I bought the accordions section more than three hours ago in pagelines store and was charged USD 14.99 through paypal, but I still don't have the section available. My mails to [email protected] regarding this don't get answered. Therefore I see no other option than to post here.  
  3. Hi,   When I activate the accordions section on a page, the page disappears..   And its not just the content, I mean everything...   http://zekgroup.wpengine.com/about/team/   As soon as I click hide accordions, everything goes back to normal.   Any ideas why?
  4. Hi,   when I open a one accordion from a link( brower or custom link)  , the accordion set stop working.   Example:   http://rsanmartindev.info/wpdev/?page_id=142#ac324-1   Can you help me ?
  5. Hello Ellen. Thanks for the outstanding plugin. Quick question...is there anyway (maybe using a shortcodes/hard-code over-ride) to have the page load with an accordion other than the first one open? If not is there an update coming soon that will allow this. I am using the Accordion as a secondary navigation and would like for the current page to have its Accordion remain open.   So far the only solution to this I have found is to recreate duplicate categories and accordion sets for each page. I was hoping there may be a more effective and easier way to accomplish this task. It would be great to have the option within each page to select a different accordion or accordion by heading or value. Thanks again.   Dave
  6. Add Anchors to Accordion?

    Hey guys! I got the accordions and I love it! I had been using other plugins for accordions in the past, but this makes it so much easier. Good work! Question - I would like to add an anchor to each accordion in the group so I can link to them individually instead of just the general page. Here is the context - I am using this for services. I have the services listed in other places on the site and I would like to link to an open description. Hope you guys can help! http://billingsgeneraldentistry.com/dental-services/ Jenna
  7. Hi, I wonder how I could achieve that the first accordion of a set is open by default (like in this pl shortcode example: [pl_accordion name="accordion"][pl_accordioncontent name="accordion" number="1" heading="Tile 1" open="yes"]). Thanks for your reply.
  8. Hi, I have a screen capture to show the arrows are not showing up on IE8. Instead of the arrows the code f0da shows. Can you tell me how to fix this please. On my Firefox the icon is also missing- this seems to be a recent thing.   Thanks! http://www.c22marketing.com/employment-opportunities/    
  9. Footer Extras Plugin

    --- NB: misplaced in "accordions" as "footer extras" not available from list --- Hi everyone, I successfully installed the footer extras plugin (thank you, ellen moore), however i can't seem to find the settings page. Could anyone help me with this please? Thanks, Benedikt
  10. Accordions not working

    Hi there, I am having trouble with the accordions on one page: http://www.wonderdogs.ca/school-for-dog-trainers/faq/ Just the accordions at the top of this page are not working. They won't open or close. The second and subsequent 'banks' or sections of accordions works fine, and I cannot find any mistakes in the accordions' code. I'm wondering if you can help me get them working again, as they were indeed working once upon a time. Thanks so much.
  11. Hi, i am trying to upgrade the accordion plugin through the pagelines admin panel in wordpress but i get the "upgrade to version 1.1" overlay forever and nothing happens... Can you advise please? Thank you
  12. Hi, because not all users might be instantly realizing that they need to click on an accordion title in order to see more content, I'd like to display a + button or bootstrap icon-plus to the right of the title bar, but haven't found out how to do this yet. Any ideas?
  13. Is it possible to insert widgets into accordion content in sidebar side? example post, views, taglist, taxonomies, meta, etc ...?
  14. If I use accordion section instead of content in page template2 I loose primary sidebar. When i insert content back sidebar is working correctly again. I use 2.4 framework. Layout is setup correctly with sidebar both - by default and in page meta. Where is the problem?