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  1. Hi... We just installed Wicker on a new site using PageLines. Wicker & Hero have both been enabled on the page template. However, when configuring Wicker on a New Page with Hero Mode enabled, there is no option to specify a URL to associate with each slide.   Did we miss something... Is it possible to make each slide in the Wicker rotation a clickable image [without] the default title, button, image combo in Hero?   In Summary... We want to have make each image in the Wicker rotation a clickable image that links to a unique URL, without needing a button.   Thank you.
  2.     Welcome to the chat. You can see who's currently in the room by looking to the right. Say "Hello" to everyone by just typing in the box below and hitting return. joe s. has entered the room joe s. hello James (. Hi Joe focuslight has entered the room joe s. i have been playing around and trying to get my banner to mimic a page-line showcase website...http://www.johntindel.com/# James (. ok joe s. i used firebug.. i saw they are using wicker banner   i bought it too installed it...   and it looks good... when the resolution is large   here is mine http://planet-cyber.net/   but.. the issue comes in when i stretch the windows small to 300-400 px... James (. ok joe s. johntindel.com looks good.... at 400px   mines looks really bad.. the image like gets super small... the banner wont maintain its minimum height   anyidea what to do   ? Jul 16 12:55 PM James (. i would imagine the theme has specific css applied for the lower resolution/mobile views. Unfortunately we're unable to support third part products in live, however i can put you in touch with the wicker developer who would be able to advise further joe s. yes please   thanx James (. if you go to http://www.pagelines.com/forum/index.php?app=fo... and select wicker from the drop down menu   then complete the post to describe what's happening, the developer will get back to you directly to advise further joe s. thanx James (. you're welcome  
  3. Hey Nick, I've tried several times to implement your code at http://nichola.us/tips/breaking-boundaries/ and apply it to features for a full width features section.   I'm using wicker at a remodel at http://risetogetherministries.org but I can't add a text layer the way you can with Features, plus even though I select more than the 3 default slides, the page interface only gives me 3 spots to fill in.   Any chance of helping me understand how to use your breaking boundaries code for a feature section? I'm just not good enough in code to translate it to the specifics.   Thanks for any help,   Dave  
  4. Seems my previous post disappeared or never posted.    Best answer would be to point me to Wicker documentation. Is that something to be found?   1. control height of Wicker? Tried using .wicker but it seemed to miss parts. 2. adjust size of images when using hero mode?   Thanks!   Dave Keys
  5. Hi, I just purchased the Wicker Slider along with the Pagelines Framework and was wondering if it was possible to move the Wicker Section up underneath the navigation, universal sidebar and branding/logo? I have tried using a negative margin-top CSS code on the slider, but it won't work. Here's a screenshot of what my site currently looks like: http://creativefuturemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Screen-Shot-2013-06-28-at-10.36.13-PM-984x524.png   I want the entire header section (universal sidebar, navigation and branding) to go on top of the slider. I think it would work if the entire header section turned transparent, I just don't know how.   Can you help me?   Thanks a lot :-)
  6. Here's a menu I'm fond of and wish to make it as a 2nd menu to the top of a pagelines site. See screeners:   Here's the menu:   Note: this menu comes with a section in pagelines with sliders and hero stuff I wish to strip - I only wish to have the menu part of this section.   The site it will placed on top off is: http://tuesdaypro.com   So basically I just want the nav from this. There has to be a simple way to do this rather than raping Nick's plugin...
  7. Using Wicker version 1.2.2 and the pageload on the one page using a Wicker slider is very slow. The rest of the site is loading fine.   Is there any way to speed this up without reducing the quality of the images to make the filesize smaller? I've already resized them to the point where I can't resize them anymore without losing resolution.   Feel free to check it out at www.musicrpm.com. Any suggestions to speed up the site load time are greatly appreciated!
  8. Wicker Slider with qTranslate

    I want to use the wicker slider in a multilangual Site (managed with qTranslate) But I can not find a solution to translate the Wicker Hero Description/Headline. Shortcodes and php code don't work. Is there a Solution The Site: http://rohstoff.de I have set the description to display:none so it won't be displayed till I have a solution. I have installed the latest version of Wordpress, Wicker-Slider and qTranslate   Any Idea?
  9. hi. I have a dev site with Wicker running at the top. It looks pretty good until I check it out on a mobile device and then the wicker is way too short and not showing the content very well. is there a way to check out the responsive behavior on this piece? I checked out the wicker sales page on my mobile device and it still has the same basic issue, although the sales page had the button show up to the right, while mine does not. if it was taller on the devices that would solve the issue I think. I can't show it to them like this though as I know they'll fuss. Here's my dev site. http://buzznewmedia.com/ibc/
  10. Hi Nick Kudos on the awesome section! Have you ever had any instances of wicker not applying any of the hero content but applies the background for the slide? Well it seems I have. It just loves the default settings so much. here is the site: http://dev.start2market.co.uk/creates2/ Cannot see any conflicts. Appreciate any help you can offer. Many thanks James
  11. Hi Nick Wicker worked fine, I really love this section, but now 'mysteriously' has been frozen. I deactivated other plugins and checked the settings and also do not know why this has happened. Can you help? This is the website I'm working on: http://nosolopan.com/ thank you!
  12. Wicker Flicker in Chrome

    hi. I'm having something weird happen. when my wicker slides transitions in google chrome, a couple of the elements on my page seem to grow a couple of pixels, up and down. My header image and my sidebar social media graphics in particular. http://www.thisisthenothing.com/dev
  13. Wicker Display

    Hi there, I am currently using the Wicker Section in my website and it is awesome! However, I originally had my layout set up as a "Responsive with Pixel Width" and the "Full-width Sections" in the pagelines admin. I changed it to "Static" so that when a browser window was smaller it would look the same. I was told that my Wicker section should still stay full width but now it is cut off at the same point as my content. Can you tell me how I would be able to keep it in full width mode? Thanks! www.trifuse.org
  14. Maybe I am missing something obvious, but I can't seem to figure out how to change the button text for a wicker 'section' when using posts as the source. Is 'Read More' and the little arrow thingy a default setting in the section, or in wordpress? Would it be possible to change it while still using posts as source?
  15. Hi Nick, Shortly after upgrading Wicker to 1.2.4 I started getting a '403 Forbidden. Access to this resource on the server is denied!' error message from my host when trying to save any settings under Pagelines > Page Options. When I disable Wicker from the PageLines Store, 'Your Added Sections" the save function works again. I've tried disabling all of the 3rd party plugins installed, apart from Pagelines sections to see if there are any conflicts but all to no avail. The site is still under development here: http://www.ensodesign.co.uk/helene/ Can you help? Cheers, Phil
  16. Wicker in Content w/ Sidebar

    When you add Wicker to the content section (drag & drop), it stays full width. http://jimhandsauction.com/test/ Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Isaac
  17. I just inserted (changed) the wicker background image, when its active, it hides the Hero. Any advice? I tried changing the format (JPG, PNG), with no resolve. http://lbc.isaac.io Thanks, Isaac
  18. Hi Nick, I am trying to install your Wicker section on our site and I am getting the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in wp-contentpluginspagelines-sectionswickersection.php on line 594 I have tried installing this section from both the Pagelines Store > Sections area in the admin panel and by manually downloading and unzipping the file in the correct location on our server. I've tried both uploading the zip file and installing it directly from the store). No matter what I do, it seems to crash giving me this parse error. We are hosted on a Windows server and are running PHP version 5.4.4. Pagelines Framework Version 2.4, Developer. Any thoughts? Please let me know if you need any other information. Thanks! -Dan
  19. I just purchased the Wicker slider via the store within Framework. I received email confirmation that my purchase was successful. However, these are not showing up as available. In Pagelines, I choose "Store" and then "Sections" and then look at the tab "Your Added Sections". I even "Refresh Store" but it's not there. How can I see this section added?
  20. Hi, been working with the wicker slider plugin - really like it as its built into the heart of pagelines, few things i would to do with it on my website are, have the image link to a page of the website, time the slider (i.e. make it move to the next one after 5 secs and so on), and maybe have some more control of the image scaling . Any one got any ideas how to get some of this working? Cant share the install just now as its installed on a local wordpress install. thanks, Jeremy