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  1. Hi to all, I've been busy learning basic CSS / HTML / Wordpress and Pagelines etc for only a couple of weeks so forgive me if these are simple questions. I have created a 'Home Page' using the 'Base Theme' and I'm at a basic level now where I'm adding simple CSS to change the look of my site. However, what I really want is a 'Header' and 'Footer' at the top of the page that fits the entire width of the page. For the background of the 'Header' & 'Footer' I wanted to use an image which will be created using P'shop (j-peg file). I'm going to be taking a look into this soon but I wanted to ask here first incase someone has any advice or tips in achieving this? I don't want to complicate things too much as it's a clients site I am working on so hopefully I can keep the coding simple until I'm more familular with editing/adding CSS. Thanks for any help on this. I have also mocked up a rough example that demonstrates what I mean in-case I am unclear? Kind regards, James W