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  1. Installed PageLines Free Theme (lite) and am building entire site utilizing WP (previously, designed sites with CSS, etc., then loaded WP in /blog folder and customized theme to match site) Working Site address is: www.tamrahjo.com I'm trying to look at different choices for the Main Nav bar - I update the Nav Bar Theme and Alignment in Site Options >Nav Bar - and when I surf through using the menu buttons, sometimes the menu shows up blue, or gray, or black transparent - - tried changing to red, just to see and never could view the red theme. I've doubled-checked that I'm Saving Options each time. I set the header area to Branding and Nav Bar in Pagelines>Site Header area. If someone could please advise if either the W3 Super Cache or some setting in my browswers (viewing in both Mozilla Firefox 17 and IE 9 currently) is holding on to old loaded pages and I need to change setting to allow a full re-load, I'd appreciate it. Sorry for such Newbie question - I'm use to designing in Dreamweaver and uploading/viewing - not building directly online via web browser window and have never encountered this kind of issue before - - not sure where to start troubleshooting - PageLines - WP - Plug Ins or Browser Settings - Thanks for any/all assistance! Tamrah Jo