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  1. I am having trouble getting the Visual editor working, I am using the latest version of chrome. It seems like it's a CSS problem, but that's just a guess.         Thanks for any help in advanced. Cheers, Toby
  2. Hi Guys, Please can you help me with an error. I recently updated wordpress and now within the control panel, tags, widgets and text editor, are all not working.. Please see my short screencast video. http://www.screencast.com/t/bhdknGmd (I'm using the latest version of platform pro) Really appreciate your help in advance! Cheers, Steve
  3. Visual Editor Not Working

    Hi, I cannot get Visual Editor to work at all.I am up to date with my WP and Pagelines install. I add the "Use Google Libraries" plugin as recommended from a post related to VE issues in WP 3.5, but it has not helped my issue in 3.5.1. I have cleared browser caches and retried in Safari, FireFox, and Chrome. I have deactivated all plugins that are not up to date. Currently, all my plugins are in the current list of plugins recommended from Pagelines or from Pagelines directly. Any recommendations? thanks, -brenton