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  1. Hello, sorry for my trivial question, but I can not find one thing. How can I set the background of which is under the photo in the viewer? Directly in the plug this setting does not .. must therefore be somewhere in the system ... Asking for help ... Thank you, best regards Kedark
  2. I just installed Viewer 1.0.7 and activated it. The first gallery I created works well and you cn see Viewer in action: http://gdmcontemporary.bamaulion.net/event-one/ the code in text mode is [gallery ids="32,35,36,37"]   The second gallery I create tith a similar code do not work: it does not display a Viewer gallery nor a default WP gallery: http://gdmcontemporary.bamaulion.net/news-four/   The 2 posts are a couple minutes away, I did not upgrade/install other stuff inbetween besides Any Loop section by the same author.   apache2 logs show no errors.   Edit: I managed to create a new Viewer gallery: http://gdmcontemporary.bamaulion.net/event-three/ but unable to create another one here, whete a WP gallery shows: http://gdmcontemporary.bamaulion.net/event-two/   reading the forum archives it seems that the plugin relies on the Visual post editor, can the author please document the correct steps to use this plugin?   Edit and solved Ths comment thread on the author product page leads to the solution: http://fyre.it/HlSzIh.4 The author writes:   And indeed, testing that I found out it's true. So it's important to point out that Viewer galleries only work with images that have been specifically uploaded/attached to the post or page they are in. I hope the author comments on that.
  3. Hi Nick, I have Viewer set up for a client's site and for some reason the images are blurring in full screen mode. I've tried tweaking the various crop and scale options under Viewer's options but all to no avail. The images have been created in Photoshop, saved for web and then compressed in JPEGmini. Here's an example of one of the images from the Wordpress library. http://www.ensodesign.co.uk/helene/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Basement-dining-room-Chelsea-project-Photo-2r3.jpg . However, when you go to the Viewer gallery here http://www.ensodesign.co.uk/helene/chelsea/ and view the same image of the table and chairs in full screen mode in Viewer there's a slight blur on the image. Why is this? I haven't encountered this problem say with Wicker, which also uses full screen images. Hope you can shed some light on it. Thanks, Phil
  4. Hi, I have Viewer 1.0.7 installed and have successfully created a gallery at this location: http://www.ensodesign.co.uk/helene/chelsea/ However, on creating another page http://www.ensodesign.co.uk/helene/belsize-park/ with a different gallery of images, Viewer doesn't seem to work and I'm only seeing a stack of thumbnails. What have I done wrong here? Many thanks, Phil
  5. Doesn't respect HTTPS on wp-admin

    In Google Chrome Inspector -> Console it displays this message twice on the PageLines Site Options page:
  6. Superfade breaks Viewer

    I don't want to be the one to say which plugin breaks the other plugin, but I was using Viewer first, everything was good, I activated Superfade plugin ( http://www.pagelines.com/store/plugins/superfade/ ) and then Viewer js broke. So maybe the two plugin authors can figure things out together... Thanks.
  7. Issues with Viewer plugin

    Here are the issues I've noticed with Viewer and wondering if it's just my site or if anyone else has experienced or can re-create the same issues. 1) I have Viewer (gallery shortcode) in pl_tabs and it seems the very first time I try to load the page, the Viewer plugin displays the error message (sometimes it works on the first try but most times it doesn't). If it doesn't work the first time (and sometimes a 2nd time), eventually Viewer works after 1 or more page refreshes. 2) When I'm on the "Viewer" or "Photos" tab (whatever you want to call yours when testing), it is responsive and looks good. However, when another tab is active and I resize the browser window and then I switch back to the "Photos" tab, there's no Viewer, no images, and no error message. It's like the tab content is empty. Refresh the page and click on "Photos" and it's back again. Here's a demo video (no sound) of both issues: http://screencast.com/t/LfkXAMGKH Here's an example of my using Viewer within pl_tabs: http://tourkick.com/3280/ FYI: I haven't tried it outside of pl_tabs shortcode. Thanks.
  8. viewer - no effect

    I really love the idea of this plugin, but sorry, i don't get it, is there anything to configure? tried it on different domains with new installs or old ones but it does not work just using the [gallery link=file id=xxx] tag sometimes yes on some pages or posts but mostly not. working with pagelines dev in newest version and standard debian lamp thx in advance m
  9. Viewer works beautifully on any computer and iPhone, but for some reason it doesn't work on iPad (same version of iOS as iPhone). I've tried it on two iPads. Thanks.
  10. On my iPhone I get "Fatal error: Could not extract a stage height from the CSS. Traced height: 0px;" I refreshed the page several times, but still get the same error. The same page on other devices (pc, tablets) is working ok. Paul
  11. I recently purchased the viewer plugin and it is really looking great. But I have problems to get working properly inside a template. I use this now html/php inside my template: <div class="tab-pane" id="tab2"> <?php echo do_shortcode('[gallery]'); ?> </div> All attached images are showed but it looks like the viewer plugin is not loaded. You van see it here: http://apsupport.nl/objecten/ruiterweg-29-castricum/ In first tab "Omschrijving" is it working ok; In this I have included [gallery] in the post editor. In the 2nd tab "Foto's" is it not working and this one is included in the template.