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  1. I'm trying to use the full width rev slider and noticed that when you activate the slide URL, a "read more" link appears in that specific slide. Is there a way to just make the whole slide a link? Thanks.
  2. By setting a Custom Structure to -> /%category%/%postname%/ DMS no longer work correctly, and returns a 404 page   Activating standard theme works all the correct     Clean installation!!   My settings custom slug -> /%category%/%postname%/   my .htaccess     # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /index.php [L] </IfModule>   # END WordPress
  3. Hello Pagelines gang   Website URL: http://www.dancebiodanza.co.uk Framework Version: 2.4.3 WordPress Version: 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: NextGen, Poppy, Better Carousel Server/Host: www.ecowebhosting.co.uk   I have been building the site at a 'temporary address' on the above hosting service   For some reason when I changed the nameservers for the site, only the homepage address changed. I emailed the problem to my server/host (see below). I tried to act on his suggestion (I won't give you the details as didn't resolve it).   I hope you can point me in the right direction. I am very new to the 'back office' side of websites.   This site is suppose to go live tomorrow!   On 22 July 2013 18:30, Robin Shaw <robinonholidayyahoo.co.uk> wrote: Hiya Rob   I just (finally!!) changed the nameservers for dancebiodanza.co.uk.   I typed in the live address: www.dancebiodanza.co.uk and was pleased to see the site was already showing!   But. When I clicked some of the pages I saw that they were still linking to the TEMP address: ''   I thought they would all update - relationally? Is that what they are suppose to do? All the best Robin   From: Rob Percival <[email protected]> To: Robin Shaw <robinonholidayyahoo.co.uk> Sent: Monday, 22 July 2013, 19:07 Subject: Re: Website home page live but all other pages still on temp address?   Dear Robin,   I suspect that's because in your CMS (Wordpress, Joomla etc) you have set the URL to include the IP address. If you change that in the settings that should fix it. If you've written in the URLs yourself you will need to update them manually. Kind regards, Rob www.ecowebhosting.co.uk  
  4. In boxes, custom created buttons, like: <a class="btn btn-reverse btn-large" title="XYZ" href="http://www.domain.com/about/xyz">XYZ</a> are automaticly changed (by Pagelines??) in something like this: <a class="btn btn-reverse btn-large" title="XYZ" href="/?page_id=2365">XYZ</a> Ofcourse we understand that when you change the URL of the specific page later, the link/button will still work this way. However, regarding to SEO and Usability this is not what we prefer. Is there any way to change this or updated in future release of Pagelines? Thank you. LOOKS LIKE AN WPML "Sticky Links" issue maybe SORRY WAS WPML INDEED
  5. Aleksander, Thanks for creating this section, it's very helpful. Is there any way to add a custom url per slide? Thanks!
  6. I'd the headers on all sub-sites to link to the main blog.... I'm using PageLines Framework 2.4.1. Searched "header custom url" in this forum but none of the solutions seem to work. Help.
  7. Hi, For the standard facebook icon in my header I do not get the correct address asigned to my facebook page, it always includes my whole homepage address as well (adds it infront of my facebook address), how do I connect the right address to my icon? exampel www.webpage.com/www.facebook.com/XXXYYYZZ Question no 2, I wish to have more icons (not the once provided in Pageline framework) like e-mail, telefon, address icons and I wish to group them together with the facebook icon I have in my header, any idea how to place and group them, assign address and where can I find these icons? anyone out there who can help, I have spent hours trying and are about to give up Malin
  8. Hi there, I have been using Platform Pro for a while for my website - Http://LetsDoEnglish.com. It's been working well. However, recently I completely reinstalled my site to get rid of some problems I was having. When I did, Pagelines began creating a '#' symbol after all of my URLs. Now when I do a page speed check, google is redirecting from the root URL/ to root URL/#. I called my hosting company (hostmonster) and they said they had never heard of it. I checked all over Wordpress forums and no one had ever seen it. And finally, when I installed another theme, the # sign disappeared at the end of my URLs. What's going on here? Thank you for your help.
  9. Hi, ive searched the Forum but couldnt find any thread to solve this problem i have. Its about my site that im working on at the moment. I dont know what have im doing wrong but out of nowhere the URL-endings of my blogposts are changing randomly every few seconds. example for the same article: http://blurayplayertest.tv/sony-bdp-s580-test/#.UNvhZ2_aUz4 http://blurayplayertest.tv/sony-bdp-s580-test/#.UNvhcW_aUz5 The part after the last " / " is not from me and never wanted. You see, there is an different ending. I dont know how to fix this and it has just appeared right before Christmas. By the way, in the same row with this problem, my meta (title, discription, keywords, etc.), some excerps and the "alt=" of my articlepictures disappeared too. I hope that someone can help me with this!
  10. Changing Url To /dashboard

    Hi everyone, ok, I recently moved a wordpress blog I had from http://huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/members/ to http://huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/dashboard/. The funny thing is that I didn't realize that /dashboard is also how to access the wordpress admin page. biggest problem: cannot access the wordpress admin. I usually access it with /wp-admin. I am also having issues with images and css, but I think that issue is related to this one. What should I do? any ideas?
  11. I am trying to add an external URL link to each of the featured images in posts, however, when I do, the URL is replaced with the default link, and directs the visitor right back to my site. Can anyone help me with this? What am I doing wrong? The site I am referencing is: http://missbesavin.com/ Thank you!
  12. Hi Its probably a very simple answer, but how can i remove the date from my post url? i.e. http://www.lyonshallnurseries.co.uk/wp/2012/10/19/winter-hardy-pansy-and-viola/ the /2012/10/19/ date seems to always be present on all posts only not pages. I have used wordpress in other websites and not had this issue until i used this fantastic theme I have looked through the forum, i have looked through my wordpress settings - can't see the wood from the trees! Appreciate any help thanks in advance
  13. Mask the URL

    how do i make it so that when you go to a page it wont show the actual link. I want it just to say my website name with out the link behind it.
  14. Max Post Size: Please Help!

    Hi there, So I'm having an issue! Since upgrading -- each time I hit "save" or "update" in my back end, I go to an error page that is telling me that the URL link is too long (2000+ characters). Mentioned it on another question here -- and someone directed me to tell my hosting company. Did that, they made some changes, but the problem still remains. My hosting company is directing me back here because they cannot understand why the links would be SO long. The problem is that I cannot make ANY changes to my website because I cannot click "save" or "update" anywhere on the site. It's driving me bonkers. Does anyone here have any idea why the links would be SO long and what I can do find a solutions??? Thank you SO much!! Jennifer