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  1. Changes to text in Navbar

    Hi, my site is http://www.entry.com and I find that the text color for the navbar is far to small and grey and I would like to make it brighter and bigger. What do I do? Thanks, John
  2. Hi i´m trying to change only the text color in header.     Tks
  3. In Features, the default text setting - White text Dark Feature Background Transparent Text Overlay - doesn't display properly in Explorer 8.  The overlay is missing.   www.xtrme.com   Most noticeable on the Passport Photos Feature   Oh, and by the way, the support button on Pagelines site, after login, gives a 404 error.  No way to contact them to let them know.
  4. Hi I am trying to use a multi color site title. I know that that the simplest way to go about this is to put each work in the title in a span of its own and then style them in my css. I however don't know where to go to modify this. As right now the site title is within the H1 tag I think that some modification of the php or a function would do the trick but am not familiar with how to add or modify this in. I'm using: Base theme Business Branding Pagelines Customize Any Help would be appreciated greatly.
  5. Managed to upload the Simple CSS but seems to only work on the Classic Nav Bar. I found the following thread for changing text, hover colours etc : (http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/17985-navigation-text-colours/?hl=change+menu+text+colour) but this doesn't work so I would really appreciate any help on changing the Text Colours of the Fixed Nav Bar - they are currently whitish/grey and I would like them Blue. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Nick, Please see link. How do I populate that text in the first field (the one with the scroll)? http://flagstonesearchmarketing.com/website-design-portfolio Thanks!
  7. I want my widgets to each have a different look and feel. I have managed to change the background, text and border colors of all my widgets as a group. But as soon as I am trying to customize them individually it won't work.
  8. I am currently setting up a Banner and am perplexed by how it handles text. I would like to add tab to space it out or hard return. It's not letting be do that, and I cannot find icon for it. Currently I have to use hash marks and paint them white which works until you hit print and they print. Is there a way to add spaces, tabs, etc between words in a way that it will obey and not 'print' http://newsite.thetradinglab.com
  9. Adding text to any page.

    Hi, I am trying to add text to any page and it does not show up on the page. I've followed the steps outlined in this discussion, but they did not work. http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/17507-adding-text-to-a-static-page/ Please advise, thanks!
  10. Boxes With Text On Top

    Hi, http://www.sunpromotions.fi/basecamp I am trying to ad text on top of picture on boxes. I managed to do that with html. i placed picture as an background image and then text on top of it. Problem is that my customer thinks that is hard to chance picture and text, because he dosen't wan't to use any code. Is it possible to use pageline boxes in away that you don't have make any HTML, and text would be on top of picture. Like its on feature plugin? Ville
  11. Hello everyone, I've done a quick search and so far the information I've found has been helpful (I've installed Widget Logic), but I'm still looking for something very specific and I'm wondering if this is possible and you may be able to help me. On my site, I'd like to have product reviews but also information pages. In the sidebar for the product reviews I'd like to add a list of pros and cons, an image, and perhaps in time links to where the product can be bought. Is there a way, that when I create a post or a page, there is a form below the main text area in which I could input this information; so say, a text field for pros where I can create the HTML list, a field to enter an image URL? and that this gets stored with the post/page data and is dynamic so I don't have to code the sidebar every time. Thanks, E
  12. Weird justification

    Just updated my site to the latest version and, bar a few widget issues, the only thing wrong is that this page... http://www.brittenweddings.co.uk/contact-britten-wedding-accessories/ has some weird justification going on and I cannot fix it! The HTML (not an expert) looks ok to me - does anyone else have any ideas? Thanks! Mat
  13. Something is happening with my site. I made the box red so that I can debug it but I cannot seem to find out why the text is flowing outsite the box. Any help would be appreciated as I am trying to learn as well as fix the issues and I suspect it involves clearing a float but not sure where. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Hi, I would like to create a page-template with a carousel or feature set that holds a video, an image, a background image, text and a title. What is my best bet? How do I bring this together? I know features can handle this, but what if I want a feature of a different size in another template. Settings for features are apparently for the whole site. Thanks Kind regards, Floris
  15. Hello All! First, a quick disclaimer: I do not know how to write CSS and have only a basic knowledge of HTML. However, I've become pretty well-versed in creating a website using CMS and am comfortable with the PageLines framework. Now that that's out of the way, here's the link to my website (still under construction) www.dcdips.com. I want to make it so that when you mouseover the main nav menu at the top that the text will be white and the box around it will be red. I went to the design control tab and changed the colors on everything listed and it is not creating that effect. I have the "Custom CSS" plugin activated, but I don't know what to put in there. Can someone tell me how to do this or what to put on the CSS page? Thank You!