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  1. Hello there.  I have gotten the Testimonials Lud to work correctly and am using the Klot image style.  I am using DMS Pro, and am having an issue with the text not lining up properly with the associated photo.  The text is adding a line before itself causing the text to drop an additional line and therefore show up lower than the top edge of the photo.  See attachment.  Suggestions to correct this?  Thanks!  
  2. hi. I have testimonials running and the person's job description keeps getting trimmed in awkward ways on me. what can I do to make these tall enough to fit everything in better? http://buzznewmedia.com/ibc/our-work/ thanks,
  3. Hello, I have just purchased and installed Testimonials Lud. It is beautiful and works great, out of the box! But in two of three browsers (Chrome and Firefox) the navigation arrows are deep below the testimonial boxes. You can see it at the bottom of this page: http://www.animatinggaza.com/wordpress/ I might have done something wrong - I tried to find settings for this but have been unsuccessful. Is there a way to solve this? It would of course be nice as the distant arrows somehow spoil the overall professional impression... Thank you for your help, yours faithfully, Jan.
  4. I recently purchased this for our blog but I want users to submit their testimonial rather than having us do it from the admin area. How can we put "add new testimonial" onto a page so it is visible and accessible for users to submit and then have us moderate it? Thanks for any help.