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  1. Css Custom Code Doesn't Work

    Hi there, I have problem with custom code: I set mani different code but doesn't work. The code set is for made more bigger the gravity forms insert font and customize pricing columns plugins. What doesn't work in those code is only the font dimension setting. Thanks for fast replay, Stefano Website: HERE
  2. Hello. The site I am currently building, www.dev.chatham.bladv.com is using the Twitter Bar Section found in the Pagelines Store. (The section is at the bottom of each page) For the most part, I cannot get the section to display tweets. If I remove the section and add it back in, it will sometimes work. However, when the section displays a tweet, it refused to update. It will continually show the same tweet until I remove the section and add it back in. I have used this section on another site I am building, www.dev.rmia.bladv.com and it works just fine. Does anyone have ANY ideas why this isn't working? I have tried turning off all WP plugins and it still doesn't work correctly. Also, I have tried using the standard Pagelines twitter feed and it doesn't seem to work correctly either. Thanks so much.