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  1. I don't understand why squared is not working well anymore with the old framework. Just updated. When i checked my page, i got a black screen. So i started to search inside the code... Even when i hide the red marked lines, it is working. But the options are still not showen in the backend on the site im using it in the template. What's going wrong there? Please help me. Otherwise is there a possibility to get an older version of squared?   function section_head() {   /*$clone_id = $this->get_the_id();*/   $prefix = ($clone_id != '') ? 'Clone'.$clone_id : '';     ?> <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function($){   $("#squared<?php echo $prefix; ?>").uSquare({ opening_speed: 300, closing_speed: 500, easing: 'swing' });   }); </script> <?php   }   function section_template() {   /*$clone_id = $this->get_the_id();*/  
  2. Hi There! Great plugin, but the "x" sign to close a frame is not completely visible... any suggestions? Kind regards, Roland
  3. Hi, my squared section on my test homepage (removed url since problem is solved!) ist not centered. It hangs towards the left side of the page. However the above section "big text" is centered. So I guess it has to do something with the squared section. But I really have no idea why the squared section is not centered!? I do not use any custom css, it is a clean pagelines install. I hope someone can help me out with his. Thank you!