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  1. Hi,    I just purchased gridly and tried playing around with it on my local set-up. Everything is great until I update the layout. I'm sure I'm having a moment, but I'm adding the numbers in the layout box (ie, I have 6 photos so I'm adding 222 for three rows of two), publishing, and refreshing- then nothing. Ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!    (I've attached a screen shot since it's on my local set-up)
  2. Dear Pageliners, DMS looks amazing. I installed the free version to find my way around it. But I can't see a way to access sections I had previously purchased. The new Pagelines Store under Get More Sections looks good and very efficient, but is there a way I can use my old sections in the free version of DMS? I purchased several hundred dollars' worth of different sections over the past year and would be very happy if I could at least try them out. Thank you for your help, and good luck with the new system!   Yours faithfully, Jan.
  3. Guys,    Some section when I add them do not seam to add properly. I get the icon in the page but no edit menus on roll over. I must be doing something wrong and a pointer would be fantastic...   http://screencast.com/t/0Jchk8ViTT   Has anyone else seen this issue?   -MrHinsh  
  4. MediaBox not working...

    Hello,    I am new to Pagelines and DMS.. I just got the new DMS and there seems to be a lot of things to overcome with building a theme this new way...    My big problem right now is a bug in the Mediabox Section. I added this to my site and then I could not edit it at all.. Couldn't delete it, could not add an image to it or anything!    I finally just had to FTP in and delete the section from the theme cause it was totally useless.    Anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution to these bugs? Hopefully we can get some stuff fixed up and a new DMS release real soon.       
  5. Hello Pagelines DMS team!   I have a few suggestions that I would LOVE to see implemented in your upcoming upgrade, and documentation added asap.   Add/include a 2nd background image section as an overlay background above site background for pro acct ( In other words, allow for a second background image to lay on top of the site background image; this would make it easy to add borders on the side for boxed style layout) Add/include a "divider section with custom image option" too for pro accts (maybe add a section to add custom image dividers to float) Add/include a new "Tabs and Accordions sections" to pro accts Allow for DMS to move boxed template areas up and down too.  (right now it only allows to move in or out in the boxed area, but it would be nice to be able to move it up and down too) Add/include a few more "image grids, galleries, and slider carousels sections" for pro accts Add/include a "contact form section" to the pro acct Add/include a "vertical menu-nav with custom image option" to the pro acct Add more documentation on how to export a Child theme and import, and/or migrate to another site Add more documentation/tutorials on how to use floating css code to place different sections on top of one another Add a color wheel to all the sections, thus avoiding having to add custom code. I would rather see you guys add these features/functions to the DMS panel, rather than having to deal with third party plugins, which I don't like to do unless it's a must.  And to be honest, I would rather have as many available options in the front end for design, and avoid having to go to the back end as much as possible.  You guys made it very convenient to work in the front, but right now it sucks having to go get 3rd party plugins to add functions that should already be included with DMS pro accts.  This would totally make it for a much easier design and DMS experience, and save a lot of time too.
  6. So why can't we have a list of the css codes that apply to each pagelines section to make the styling classes and custom css easier? For example:   Hero Section   .pl-hero-wrap .pl-hero h1 > Changes the style of the title of the hero section   iBox Section ....   What I've noticed is that every time someone asks a question about css and styling classes, the default answer is go to Chrome developer tools / firefox / etc. and find the css. I understand that for the more savvy people, that may be the easiest way. But for me (a newbie), that's only useful if you know what you're looking for (i.e.. that .pl-hero-wrap .pl-hero h1) equals  title areas of the Hero section. Eg. I'd like to change the colour of the icon-font in my ibox section, but for the life of me, I can't work out which are the right codes to use (I've been trying with Google Chrome).   Obviously, I am not a coder and am very ignorant around all this stuff. I can't help thinking that a list would be pretty useful. Thanks anyway.      
  7. Hi there   I have just changed to the new DMS system and have the Pro Developer subscription.   I previously had the Pro Developer version and had purchased loads of sections/plugins and store items   Do I have to buy them all again? for example I had bought Navable and Flip Slide? but they are now not available in new DMS unless I buy them? or is this a glitch and they should show?   There are loads more I had but now do not?   Many thanks   Paul
  8. NavBar Issues

    Again, total newb so forgive me if I'm asking about something obvious. I placed the NavBar section on my site, but I do not see anything in the customization area about getting rid of the colored line that goes underneath the menu items when you hover over them. Also, the menu bar has a shadow under it that I'd like to get rid of. Any help you can provide would be great. Thank you! 
  9. I've bought several of the new sections - navable being one of them. Yet every time I try to use it, it requires that I purchase it. It's not showing up in my account. I would really, really like to use the sections.   Also, will any of the Framework sections be available, or do I have to repurchase all of them?
  10. Hey guys, its a bit of a weird issue but when I log out my website looks like this on the homepage and this within the articles, but when I am logged in it looks how I have configured it to... like this in the header and this in the footer. I have now deleted the sections as I of course don't want people to see that.     I have cleared the cache within super cache and within DMS itself.    Any ideas?  
  11. The Page Options page can take 90+ seconds to load, if it does at all. I was given this link by someone: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/26952-page-options-page-stops-working-properly-when-trickle-is-implemented/    OK. Sooo..... what is the limit?   The docs don't explain this anywhere, but the link talked about sections and core elements blah blah blah. I found in the "store" what sections we have added, and the core elements.   There are 34 sections activated in Core, 18 added sections active, and 2 added sections not active. Is 52 too many sections? How many too many? Is 46 the limit? How does that math relate to a php limit in htaccess?   Where do I tell what's actually used on the site, in the drag & drop section, do I have to click on every possible layout and see what's been built?    I'm new to this role, and the IT person who decided on Pagelines is no longer here. I don't see why anyone would go with a proprietary framework, but now the damage is done, so I need to make this site useable by us internally (stop the constant timing out when in Pagelines), by viewers who will inevitably bounce after 7-10 second wait times per page, etc.
  12. Dear Pagelines team, I am trying to change info in post metabars on the Filtering section post loop page. I can determine the metabar contents in the global settings (Site Options - Blog and Post - Full Width Post Meta/Clip Metabar). But Filtering section apparently overrides the global settings - it only allows Date and Author or nothing in the metabar. I'd like to look at the section's function.php - if it has such - to see if something can be done about this. But I can't find them. I can find php files for the theme and for the plugins, but not for sections. Where should I look? Thank you for your help - and patience. I am still finding my feet in the land of code. Yours faithfully, Jan.
  13. Hi Guys, I'm working on a site for a client and we're using Custom Press from WPMUDev to create custom post types and custom field for some job vacancy listings. The data entry side of it is all working. All I need to do now is make PageLines display the contents of the custom fields (There are only 2 custom fields). Custom press gives me two pieces of PHP code that I would normally paste into the single.php file to make them display but I gather I should use the BaseSection plugin and create my own section to display the custom fields. This is the bit I'm stuck on! I don't need anything fancy at all... just need to get them to display. Please could someone point me in the right direction as to what I need to put in the BaseSection template to get it to output the custom fields from the following 2 chunks of php? <?php echo do_shortcode('[ct id="_ct_text_51af0ad725f0d" property="title | description | value"]'); ?> <?php echo do_shortcode('[ct id="_ct_datepicker_51af0c9f505d0" property="title | description | value"]'); ?> Any help would be very gratefully appreciated. Kind regards Justin
  14. When I have the uTestimonials section activated on a page that utilizes modals, there is a problem. The Modal window shows up automatically, but transparent and in the header... it is weird. You can see the error here on this page:http://updated-kid2kid.com/franchising/support/ I'd like to use the uTestimonial section for support and FAQs, but I have a modal link in the footer that is conflicting. Any idea how to fix this?
  15. Hello! We are having some severe issues regarding pagelines. We have been developing this site for quite some time without issues. The issue seems to be that all sections have become unavailable in the Drag & Drop interface. The site seems to work once after disabling and re-enabling plugins, but breaks again at the next refresh. WP-DEBUG is showing a warning: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/levelupfin/domains/levelup.fi/public_html/dev/njk/wp-content/themes/pagelines/includes/class.register.php on line 91 The issue seems to have arisen two days after updating Pagelines framework to 2.4.2 but it worked as expected until that point. We have tried re-installing the theme, but it does not solve the issue. Here is the Pagelines debug screen, omitting WP-DEBUG warning: WordPress Version : 3.5.1 Multisite Enabled : No Current Role : Administrator Framework Path : /home/levelupfin/domains/levelup.fi/public_html/dev/njk/wp-content/themes/pagelinesFramework URI : http://dev.levelup.fi/njk/wp-content/themes/pagelines Framework Version : 2.4.2 Framework Build : 2.4.2 PHP Version : 5.3 Child theme : Yes /home/levelupfin/domains/levelup.fi/public_html/dev/njk/wp-content/themes/pagelines-template-theme http://dev.levelup.fi/njk/wp-content/themes/pagelines-template-themePHP Magic Quotes gpc : Yes (bad) PHP memory : 256 Mysql version : 5.5.30 Sections DIR : Writable. /home/levelupfin/domains/levelup.fi/public_html/dev/njk/wp-content/plugins/pagelines-sections PHP type : Cgi-fcgi PHP User : Levelupfin OS : Linux Launchpad : Logged in ( levelup ) Licence : Dev Plugins : 21 advanced-custom-fields/acf.php bbpress/bbpress.php breadcrumb-navxt/breadcrumb_navxt_admin.php contact-form-7-to-database-extension/contact-form-7-db.php contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php gravity-forms-addons/gravity-forms-addons.php gravityforms/gravityforms.php grid-shortcodes/grid-shortcodes.php jigoshop/jigoshop.php pagelines-bbpress/pagelines-bbpress.php pagelines-customize/pagelines-customize.php pagelines-jigoshop/pagelines-jigoshop.php pagelines-sections/pagelines-sections.php sitepress-multilingual-cms/sitepress.php tablepress/tablepress.php user-access-manager/user-access-manager.php user-role-editor/user-role-editor.php wpml-cms-nav/plugin.php wpml-sticky-links/plugin.php wpml-string-translation/plugin.php youtube-feeder/youtube-feeder.php
  16. Hi all, I'm panicking a bit here - a client site I'm developing (and almost done with) is throwing an error: PageLines Sections LESS/CSS error. expected color value: failed at `border: 1px solid darken(@baseContrastMore, 10);` line: 96 The site is totally messed up. Here's what I've done, using my brain and research on the forums: - Removed all of my custom CSS (using Pagelines Customize). Still broken. - Updated Pagelines today. It broke some time (hours) after this. - Refreshed the Store - read that refreshing it might work. I have no Sections installed on this site, by the way. Still broken. - Checked every "line: 96" I could think of. Can't find anything. - It seemed to break after I enabled Boxes on one particular Template. I also trashed a ton of unused boxes. All help is greatly appreciated. Should I be using debug mode? Thanks.
  17. How can I create a new custom sections? How can I add this section to the dashboard menu?
  18. Hi, I'm looking for advice on a good template based approach in PageLines to allow my users to add a custom form to landing pages with various layouts. At present I need a 2-column landing page format where the content is on the left and the form is on the right with some other content. Normal form tools like gravity forms don't cut it, my form code is too complex and I don't want to expose users to the code (or have them break the code and damage important tracking info). Ideally, I'd like my site users to be able to add their content on a normal WordPress page and then be able to insert the templated form where the user or landing page designer would like the form in their page content (regardless of layout). How would you recommend I set this up? I'm looking for the right way to do it since this will get used repeatedly (just hacking code together manually won't work). I've attached a pdf which walks thru what I'm looking for and what I've done so far (I'll emphasize the current approach doesn't meet my needs and doesn't make sense at all). :-) Thanks! pagelines-landing-page-question-template.pdf
  19. I watched the video on you tube about how to make a second section. So I was really experimenting at the time and did this in the Drag and Drop section and made a 2nd section of Quickslider and it worked just like the video showed! Went to bed, got up the next morning and went to do some more admin work on the site and when I know go to look at the Page options, Site Defaults looks fine with all the normal sections (no #2 for Quickslider). But all the other page defaults (Blog down to 404) now have #2's for every section and the originals defaults are missing except for Quickslider which is still there with Quickslider #2. If I go to Drag & Drop the original sections show up but I can no longer hide as no options but I can still clone (haven't tried it though). So I'm stuck using the default settings at the moment rather than having the freedom of being able to use the page options etc. I've uploaded some screen shots for clarity in case what I've written doesn't make sense.
  20. Hi Pageliners! I'm designing a one-page website similar to the one I designed here: bayhousenaples.com. I used the Catalyst Wordpress Framework for that site. I chose my layout to be one long column of widgets, then used the 'Page in Widgets' plugin to make the site essentially a long stack of pages. The advantage to that is that each section has a page ID# so I could use CSS to give each section its own look/feel/background. Now that I've made the switch to Pagelines I'm much happier but not really sure how I'd recreate the above. Can anyone help me strategize how to make a long, one-page website with multiple photo galleries, etc.? Can I put widgets inside different Pagelines sections? Thank you for helping a beginner get a grasp!
  21. Section.TwitterBar.php ERROR

    Please help. I am getting this message on the MoreFoot Section of my site: Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/f3m1lst/public_html/wp-content/themes/platformpro/sections/section.twitterbar.php on line 80 The Twitter Bar was working just fine. I have replaced the section.twitterbar.php file with a new copy of it, and I am still getting that error on the site: http://www.feminine1st.com HOW DO I FIX IT? Thank you, Claire https://twitter.com/Feminine1st @Feminine1st
  22. Hi! I have recently installed Pageline Frameworks Pro and I am running it on Wordpress from my GoDaddy account. The features section is not working properly and whenever I try to edit/add imagery to the slideshow, the images display one on top of the other. What is causing this? I am a total newbie by the way. designersduty.com
  23. Hi Guys, May I ask you to how can but ( image or color ) background to Highlight, Masthead,Callout and Hero unit sections. Thanks a lot
  24. if I unsubscribe Plus I loose the section activated free as a Plus members? If yes... I bought Jigoshop addon before subscribing Plus, if I unsubsribe Plus I risk the system will erase also my paid pulgin? thanks! Fabio
  25. Howdy, I'm making a custom section and it needs a type-ahead box that searches for other custom post types to feature in it. The big question is how I save a custom option 'type' values (i.e., not one of the built-in "text", "checkbox", etc). I've looked through the "pagelines-section-template" code, and watched the YouTube tutorials, but those all give examples of a "text" option type, not a custom one. I found the action inside `class.options.engine.php` for outputting the custom option type (below), so that's not a problem: do_action( 'pagelines_options_' . $o['type'] , $oid, $o); ...but I'm falling short on finding where to save the option's values. Thanks in advance!