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  1. Website URL: http://www.jacmus.com Framework Version: V2.4.1 Pro WordPress Version: WordPress 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: I have deactivated all of them and still no change Server/Host: Certified Hosting. Details: I've just started using twin shot and want it to appear on my main page. Its appearing, but when I use Chrome, the selections of the videos are on the left with no scroll bar so at the moment with only 3 videos, the 3rd one disappears and when I look at in Firefox the selection of videos its at the bottom of the video. I am using the latest version of chrome and firefox. I did have an issue earlier where the javascript seemed to have an issue and i had my hubby check it at his work and he had the same issue. But this has begun working. (I think it was a server provider issue for our internet as they use Telstra there too.