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  1. Layout Width Not Saving

    I can't seem to keep the page width that I set in the editor. I publish the changes, but the width stays at its original setting.
  2. Hi, I'm having issues saving any changes I make to the Typography and Colour Controls in the Global Settings. I'll make the change I want and hit 'Save Options' but the "Saving..." graphic won't stop, well, saving! And when I refresh a page to see if the changes have indeed been saved, nothing has changed.   I'm quite new to Wordpress and Pagelines, so any advice is welcome :)   Thanks!
  3. Hi! I just updated and am having all sorts of quirks and problems. My biggest issue is currently that my pages will not "update" nor do they "save meta settings" when I click the appropriate button. I am able to make the changes -- but everytime I attempt to save or even to preview the page, nothing will happen. When I click "update" the small wheel next to the button will spin, but the page will never update. The url does not change. Any idea what this could be? As of right now I can't alter any of my pages on the website! Thanks for any help!