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  1. Today I noticed that the feature image on my blog posts isn't lining up with a highlight image on the sidebar. Is this a bug in Pagelines css, my custom css, or something new? Here is a fancy animated gif to explain and the URL to my website. I have tested both float and changing the margin (see my code below), but I'm not sure which is best? .fpost .post-thumb.img { margin-right: 20px; } Change to this...? .fpost .post-thumb.img { margin-right: 0px; } Or change to this...? .fpost .post-thumb.img { float: left; }
  2. Hi I'm trying to center the banner in www.mototematicos.com, it works for all browsers, but in safari the banner sticks to the left. I modified the css to the following: DIV.banner-media.pprand DIV.banner-media-pad.pprand-pad img{ width:80%; position:absolute ; ; margin-top:-26px; }
  3. Safari-specific coding?

    Good morning awesome Pagelines peeps, My site is tanathetattooedlady.com. The big issue is on page /news Safari is rendering the blog page in a super duper ugly fashion. It was doing funky interpretations of nearly everything else too, but I *think* I fixed all of that with browser-specific styling. The problem with the blog page is I don't know what to do. It seems like I need extra padding between the small excerpts (after the 1st two large ones) but I have no idea what the selectors are, and everything I've found via firebug does nothing. Am I going about this the wrong way? One other odd thing I've noticed that no ther browser seems to do is when I refresh the page after changing something in the custom css section the page loses all custom css until I clear cache on the admin page and then refresh safari again. I'm worried about this because visitors might just see the ugly page What could cause this issue? *Please* help me Bree
  4. problem #1: I was unable to place the callout button where I wanted it (under a video, which is in a box, instead of under the entire page) so i made one with the shortcodes and added a header. Looks great everywhere but ... problem #2: Safari where i cd not do anything with the css that wd allow a decent buffer between button and the video above it. did a display: none for body.safari: body.safari .btn-small { display:none; } body.safari .dcol-pad .fboxinfo .fboxtext h4 { display:none; } put the button and header in a content box for safari, thinking the box wd be the buffer or at least give me something to adjust. This is the code for the box and class i gave it: hentry-pad my-call-button-and-header-pad entry_content From there, problem #3: I was unable to figure out how to write the code that wd identify both the desired location (see the 2 "display:none"s above) and the contents of the box (see "hentry-pad...content" above). I tried every combination of the items above but cdnt get there. problem #4: The button and header only looked cruddy on 1 page in Safari. It was fine on the other page. But adding the the correct page-id-numbers removed the button from both pages. I even tried doing it with display:none on one page and display:visible on the other page but whatever happened on one page it happened on both. problem #5 I'll bet there was away to locate the pl callout button beneath the videos here: www.clearheartcoaching.com Finally, how can i change the color of button-info? (blue) I tried but nada. Thx for your help....
  5. I love the way my blog looks like Firefox but in Safari my images are squished to the side and the table cells with text take over the entire page...how do I fix this? www.belvederemansion.com look at accommodations, catering, etc they are all screwed up in safari...ugh help
  6. I have been having repeated problems with PageLines. I had to reset my plugins numerous times. Now, none of them are active and I'm still having issues. The control panel for PageLines will not display, which is what happened when the plugins caused conflicts. Now the site won't load properly in Safari. Having spent hours putting the site into PageLines and buying the thing, I am reluctant to switch, so I would like to know how to fix the thing. It's a small site with low traffic so I can't understand why it just doesn't work reliably. www.cerberustheatre.org.uk Chris
  7. Hi there iBlog Version 4.2.4 is terrible in Sarari with iOS6 on my ipad. All kinds off dark blocks in every posting and footer a.s.o. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9o142yjyrnvs5gw/HANs%20on%20Experience.png
  8. Hello. I would like to know why the dotted border-bottom doesn't show up in safari and chrome. Everything is okey with firefox. I have all elements in the content-area, without header and footer section. www.komputagroove.ch Many thanks Corina Css: /*logo*/ .wp-image-92{ display: block; margin-left:100px; margin-right: ; margin-top:50px; } /*dl*/ #container_dl{ position:relative; border-bottom:2px dotted #CCCCCC; } /*pdf*/ #center_download{ width:200px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; margin-top:-100px; } #center_download{height:200px;} #center_download img{ position:absolute; right:100px; top:-110px; display:block; width: 200px; opacity:1; -webkit-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out; -moz-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out; -o-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out; transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;} #center_download img:hover {opacity:0;} /*box generell*/ #boxes{ position:relative; margin-top:-100px; } /*box class*/ .splash_box{ margin-top:-80px; margin-left:30px; }
  9. css problem

    Hi there, It seems that page: http://www.ounasvirta.fi'>http://www.ounasvirta.fi dosent download css file everey time you go in. Problem occurs with Safari browser. Any idea with what¨s problem. Another problem is feature on home page. it shows black backround every time it chances new one. Thanks Ville http://www.ounasvirta.fi'>http://www.ounasvirta.fi
  10. Hello, I've been testing my website on iOS 6 Golden Master and it's displayed incorrectly. http://www.manzanamagica.com I have also checked the demo page iBlogPro 5 and it's shown with the same black background blocks. http://demo.pagelines.com/iblogpro5/ Apple released iOS 6 final on 19 September and the GM version is almost final. Tests have been done in Safari and Google Chrome and it looks bad on both browsers. Thanks in advance for your attention.