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  1. Is there a way to take the roundabout headline and content and create an overlay on the right hand side of each slide? Thanks!
  2. Topic kinda says it all. When I opened up roundabout, I saw that the default content had titles for each panel as well as som lipsum text in the main post content box. Is there anyway to display that data in the carousel sections? For example, could I have a title and bit of text disply underneath each panel, when they rotate into the 'main' position? I'm no php expert but I'm game to try to modify the section a bit. Could you point me in the right direction? Here's where I am playing around with this right now... http://varsity.wpengine.com/test Thanks! Alex
  3. Hi, I have 2 issues with the roundabout section: 1) Contrary to the demo on http://adammunns.com/roundabout/ I can't get it to work. I have installed it, activated it, I played around with site-wide and page-specific settings, and the plugin just won't let my pictures (the demo pictures included with the plugin) turn on my page. 2) In addition, I found that this roundabout section is incompatible with the default feature slider from Pagelines. Whenever I activate the Roundabout section I can't see my feature section any more (in the left column in my WordPress dashboard - this means that I can't edit my features any longer). Whenever I deactivate the Roundabout section, the feature section fires up again. I look forward to hearing about a satisfactory solution for both issues. Can you give me (at least) the default settings with which the demo on http://adammunns.com/roundabout/ runs? Thanks in advance. Christophe. PS I am on WordPress 3.5.1 and Pagelines 2.4.1 - compatibility issues with other sections and plugins are not likely since I deactivated and activated my other sections and plugins as part of the debugging process.
  4. Hi Adam I have just purchased the above, which is perfect for what I need but I have a few issues:- The Roundabout contains potentially 15 images (slide presentation in jpg). 1. When I select the Auto Rotate option it just stacks the images on the page - this is not good! 2. When I select the Navigation arrows these are hidden under the slides There are a few other formatting issues that I would like to address at a later stage but at the moment, these are my key points. Any suggestions? Thanks Clare