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  1. Hi there! after the last update I faced a few differences in the outlook of my website. I noticed the blockquotes were now not a fieldset, but a vertical line on the left of the quote. I then tried to input the fieldset in html editor and, switching to visual mode it appears right as I want it, but in the website itself, the frame doesn't show up... :-? I noticed also it applies to all kinds of frames, as tables will show without any border and even without fill color. Everything happens in the page itself, not in the editor, where it all works out just fine. exemple of html inserted: Personal information:Name: E-mail: Date of birth: the frame will not appear in the page. please help. I thank you in advance. Nuno
  2. Change admin labels

    Hello tnx for a great product. Is there any code somewhere were I can easy edit the labels in the wordpress admin menu? I want to change the text "Features" to "Bildspel" for example. I have tried many solutions but can only rename the standard wordpress menu items. function edit_admin_menus() { global $menu; $menu[8][0] = 'Recipes'; // Change Posts to Recipes } add_action( 'admin_menu', 'edit_admin_menus' ); Tnx
  3. Hi, PL 2.3.5 I like this tiny look of Labels and Badges, so I want them to be clickable. I know I can use Buttons but still want labels and badges for design purpose. Is there a way to customize colors in them? tnx
  4. SEO for Pagelines

    I am using the Yoast SEO for wordpress plug-in and have some questions aobut its intergration with the Pagelines framework. They are as follows: 1. When information is placed in boxes / box sets, and specific box sets are inserted onto a page, is that box set recognized as page content to search engines? For example, I have a SERVICES page on my blog with no textual content, but instead a box set containing several boxes with text. The Yoast plug-in therefore assumes that I have no relevant text on my page - and gives me a poor search result rating. I do actually infact have relevant text but it is a box set. I see that Yoast allows box set to have their individual SEO, which kind of resolves my problem, but will Yoast know that box sets are linked to pages? 2. Are other Pagelines sections taken into consideration for page content such as Highlights and banners. Also, is there any documentation which outlines what makes up a highlight or banner. For example, do all highlight titles ahve the <h1> tag around them by default? Below is an example of some results retunred by the Yoast plug-in. Some of these results are positive, however, the majority are negative. Quite a lot of them are not necessarily ture either as I am using Pagelines sections - but Yoast can't see them. The keyword doesn't appear in the first paragraph of the copy, make sure the topic is clear immediately. The images on this page are missing alt tags. No outbound links appear in this page, consider adding some as appropriate. No subheading tags (like an H2) appear in the copy. The keyword / phrase appears in the URL for this page. The page title contains keyword / phrase, at the beginning which is considered to improve rankings. The meta description contains the primary keyword / phrase. The page title is more than 40 characters and less than the recommended 70 character limit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi I’m using PagelinePro theme for a page i'm building: www.americasblindspot.com . it's a bilingual site, spanish and english, using the Qtranslate plugin, that works great for titles and texts, but I don't know how to add code so that the the URLs I add in the boxes and features redirects to the appropriate language page. Example: I switch my page to Spanish, and all the text is indeed translated correctly. But when I clik on a feature or box link, it redirects back to the English version of that page. Can i included anything in the field “Feature Link URL: Adding a URL here will add a link to your feature slide-Enter Feature Link URL” so that it will send me to the Spanish version? Thanks in advance
  6. I'm using your new 2.3 version. Can't find an option - if there is one? - to create a new template (above and beyond the 5 provided). Thanks!
  7. Hi there, I have a few questions; 1.) how do I define a background color for the left widget bar (behind the category widget so I can get rid of the white gap) as seen on this page; http://lewiscircle.com/horses/latest-news 2.) there seems to be a loading problem with the widget bar. Every so often, when loading the widget bar it shrinks all of the images. It's random so I'm not sure if you will be able to re-create it. Any ideas? I tried to attach a screen cap, all files all seem to be too big. 3.) Is there a way to put a widget bar (column) inside the content area? I want to put a right side column where you see "Third Column" on this page - http://lewiscircle.com/horses/about-us/ Thank you! Michele
  8. Am I doing something wrong or why this this icon is missing header and footer -> social icons section?
  9. Hi there, I am trying to center-align the menu items in my fixed navbar and also have them spread out so they are wide enough to fill up the whole navbar (the same width as the content area), however cannot figure out how to do so. In the options, I noticed that there were options to either left-align it or right-align it but nothing to center-align it - which is why I am here! My site is http://www.aprilialove.com I would also like to know how to change the font of these menu items? Is there an option or will I need to insert some code into the CSS sheet? Thanks!
  10. Customize BrandNav

    Is it possible to move the navigation down independent of the logo in the BrandNav section? I am trying to move it so it is flush bottom with the logo (see attachment). I would also like to reduce the gap between the feature slider and the calls to action below without affecting the main content margins. Any help would be appreciated. The site URL is - http://www.bikramyoga-sp.com Thanks! Michele
  11. Boxes shortcode

    Hi Is there any way to add boxes via a shortcode? I bought BoxerPro plugin which is fine but would rather use Pagelines Boxes if possible. Thanks paulzz
  12. Hello, do I use a hook if I would like to add the post author's avatar on the homepage? If I have to use that, what would be the exact command? Is there another way to do that? My website allows visitors to make submission of photos and text, and I would like their avatars to be shown next to their post. Visitors who post are random and I may not know them, hence it has to be automatic that once someone posts, his or her avatar goes up with the post. But within pagelines drag and drop, I can only add "post author" into "blog post". How do I add "post author" with the avatar into the "blog" section (where all the latest posts will be shown)? Thank you for your help.
  13. I want the titles to display on all pages except my home page. I saw old threads but the code offered didn't do it for mine. Maybe I'm just having trouble finding the right css? Here's the page I want to remove "HOME" from: http://dreamtrampoli...ndbox/sciascia/
  14. Hi, i have just buy LaunchPage and it works perfect. But it is possible to make the field in the middle transparent (not white) and with an own custom button? (logo) Best regards L G
  15. I've created a few custom post types, and I can see their Archive Page templates in the drag and drop section. How do I actually view these archive pages?
  16. Hi, I install the PostPins Section and I want to change the color of the tiles ? The default color is grey and I would like to have the tiles in white (with a grey background on my website) Thanks a lot F
  17. I've been away from Pagelines for a while now. I came back and was very impressed with all the new features and the new web design. But then, as I dig around further I notice that things are still a mess. For example: Scroll Spy - I'd like to know what it is and how to use it. I go to: http://demo.pagelines.me/sections/ to get a feel for what it is The description mentions unicorns and spies in an effort to be cute While cute, it's not helpful and quickly becomes frustrating when you read the 'explanation' Explanation .scroll-header is the class that triggers the scrolling. The class can be added to any element, and is not restricted to headings. Ok great. But what the heck is Scroll Spy? Let's look it up in the pagelines documentation: So, I go to: http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/Main_Page I click on How to Use ScrollSpy: In PageLines Framework 2.2, we have added a new Section called ScrollSpy. The ScrollSpy section adds an additional navigation bar that automatically updates nav targets based on scroll position. It is also useful for jumping from one section of your page to another instantly. Great, a practical definition! Let's look at the images. Wait, why do all the images say " Placeholder image for ScrollSpy Content sreenshots" Wait, scroll down a bit and there is Latin! Integer pharetra, tortor nec volutpat accumsan, ligula enim consectetur erat, porta imperdiet felis orci eget purus. Phasellus non auctor magna. Vestibulum at augue sit amet quam scelerisque rutrum. Aliquam erat volutpat. Cras lectus dolor, tincidunt laoreet molestie ac, vehicula sed ante. So, I hunt around for more info on the page and find these this: ScrollSpy works within your Page's editor, as long as ScrollSpy is enabled on the template your page is using. For a more in depth look and tutorial on how to get ScrollSpy working on your page, please visit the new PageLines Framework 2.2 Demo Site. But that link goes here! http://www.iana.org/domains/example/ WTF I find some more links that say: In order to get ScrollSpy working on your page, it needs to be enabled in the Drag and Drop menu, and in the Template Setup area. More info on template setup here I click that and it takes me to a page that says: Redirect page How to use Drag & Drop WTF You guys really need to get it together. I just wanted a picture and definition of what the ScrollSpy section does. Next time I'll google it or just post to the forum or try to figure it out on my own, because the documentation/wiki is an obvious afterthought. Or maybe I'm supposed to buy Pagelines plus to deal with the headache? The attribute title="Usage" is used as the actual label that sits inside the menu.
  18. Is there a way to get rid of the line above my navbar... http://www.onebarrel.ca. Everything's black on black but there's a very subtle grey line above the navbar and I can't find the CCS to get rid of it. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi - I'm trying to transfer my site from working on it locally using MAMP to the live site. When I do this, following correct instructions (I think), the result is as you see it on www.minidynasty.com As you can see the site has not transferred properly - the site is fully working with images and so on on the MAMP site. Are there extra things I need to do when transferring? Do I have to do anything with image tags and so on? Help much appreciated. Adam.
  20. Good day I want to develop a website with Pagelines serve for a real state company and would like to know if I can use the system pagelines with the plugin "WP Property"?
  21. Can anyone please tell me how I can make the Nav Bar transparent so it doesn't look so much like the apple website? Thanks
  22. Hi Guys, I'm after some 'best practice' advice. I have a banner logo 200px X 100px that I want to sit to the left of my site banner, to the right I need a Banner Ad space (approx 728 x 90) I have a few ideas about how I could use a universal sidebar above then use css to nudge it down next to the logo. But am interested to hear if theres any better suggestions - or 'better practice' I should use? Thanks Tom
  23. I was hoping someone would know if it's possible to place multiple carousels on the same page. My goal is to create a portfolio page that uses up to 5 carousels. Each carousel would need to pull from a different category. I assume this would involve PHP coding, which is fine. My hope is that this can be accomplished using hooks in the base child theme. Any thoughts? I'm not quite sure where to start on this one.
  24. Hello, I´m using the ubermenu in Nav Classic Section which is working so far. Nonetheless the width of the menu still isn´t 100%. The plugin developer said that the container only is 760px. http://www.natur-coaching.eu How can I get it to work. I dont need the searchform within the navbar so I put "display: none" in the custom css. Still the navigation appears only 3/4 of the full width. Thanks a lot in advance, patrick
  25. I've deinstalled Breadcrumb NavXT and reinstalled it and I still don't see the breadcrumbs on any of the pages. Do I have to add code to the header or template? I have the latest version of Pagelines... Thanks