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  1. Sorting readers

    I've tried to work with reader but am not sure how to reorder the readers. Your instructions suggest that there should be a "reorder" option but I don't have it for some reason (See the attached image). Thanks.
  2. Hi there - [i tried posting this in the Store Products forum - but it was unresponsive and just led me back to the forum page each time] http://creationok.com/faq/ You will notice a gray bar at the bottom of the Reader. I can't figure how this got there, but I will say a few things: It goes away if I remove the last few questions; It was there before I did all my CSS tweaks; There doesn't seem to be a selector related to it, so I'm going to guess that it's a result of Settings. Any ideas out there? Thank you!
  3. The Reader (or reader-looking) section at the bottom of http://www.pagelines.com/jobs/ looks great. How do I get that Reader? Compared to the Reader from the Store, that one has: Pretty menu of current/active item Nice transition look when clicking from one item to another No leading bullet next to each content area's heading Properly formatted bullets within the Reader's content area I hope instructions or a store update can be provided. Thank you.
  4. The Reader menu in wp-admin does not display the "Reader Set" columns. When I edit a specific Reader, then I can see the Category that Reader is assigned to, but the Category is not displayed on the main Reader menu. I have dozens of Readers and this functionality would certainly make managing this content less cumbersome. Am I missing something? Shouldn't the assigned Category (or Categories) display in the Reader Set column on the Reader menu. Please see attached screenshot. Problem has persisted for months, but I'm just getting around to addressing this. Plugins and theme version are more or less current.
  5. Reader section

    Hi, how i can enable reader section to work in content area?
  6. The Pagelines Reader Section does not work in IE8. It only displays the first item in the reader. Any fixes for this issue? My client is having a cow... I guess he is one of the few people still using IE8. - Dave
  7. Reader section

    Hi guys, im trying to install the reader section, Im using Simplicitate template and is showing me this message: Destination folder already exists /home/naturala/public_html/wp-content/plugins/pagelines-reader/ any ideas how to fix it? thanks
  8. Hi, I've found a conflict between the Reader Section and Formidable forms plugin. I use the Developer version of Formidable and when it's activated the Reader menu option disappears. It re-appears when I disable Formidable. I've tried this with all other plugins disabled and was able to replicate the problem. The site is motherroad.org and am the most recent versions of Pagelines, Formidable and Wordpress. Thanks...
  9. Hi all! How can I configure text and width of the left side (title) in reader section? Thanks Hugo
  10. How to Improve Reader Section's Styling

    Let's use http://www.pagelines.com/pricing/ as the example page... 1) how to remove the bullet point at h3 for the question's text inside the Reader's content area? 2) how to change the color of the active question bar, let's say to #FFFFFF? 3) how to get the bullets within the answer/content to display indented, like bullet lists should? (note: the PL example link above doesn't have any bullet lists within the Reader) @catrina and I have tried the following, to no avail: #page .readernav span.readerselected, #page .readernav span:hover { background: #ffffff; } #page ul#answerlist li.readeranswer { display:block; list-style-type: none !important; } #page .fanswer li { margin-left:50px; } Thank you.