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  1. 2 questions

    Hey,  1. I want to know if I can take off the top menu ? 2. There is a transition for Hebrew ?
  2. I tried to use "Multilingual Branding" on a bilingual website in English and Persian. The site's branding shows up correctly but the styles do not appear to be right. There is not enough padding on the right and left sides of the section, and the social networking icons seem to have the wrong styles. Their order is also incorrect when compared to the default setting. In RTL (right-to-Left) environment--like in Arabic, Hebrew, or Persian websites--there is one additional issue. the logo and the icons are not in the same line. Also it seems the JS does not run correctly on them. When the page loads the icons are not muted (like the default Pagelines icons) but when I mouse-over them they get muted. Please see the attached image for a visual description of the issues.
  3. I am working on a new updated and complete "rtl.css" for PageLines framework. One of my problems are the arrows on drop-down menus. The arrows are not HTML Codes. They are images, and they are fine for most languages but using images makes them impossible to use for RTL scripts (Arabic, Hebrew) since they point to the wrong direction (as you see in the attached screenshot). I tried to replace some of them with new images but I could not fix one. You can see that in the screenshot. Please let me know if you have any suggestion to fix this.

    Hi, I am using your free wordpress template. For some reason, my navigation bar isn't working RTL. The right button is the home page as it should be, but the buttons start from the left and not from the right. How can I fix it? Thanx
  5. Hi, I have a website that needs to be in two languages: Hebrew and Enlish. One is LTR and one is RTL. Does pagelines ahve mulitple language support in this case? if it does - how may I integrate both languages? which is the best way? Thanks, Michal