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  1. Whitehouse Pro

    Where can I purcahse and download Whitehouse Pro?
  2. I just purchased the plugin.  I feel that it just duplicates the editor already within DMS.  I thought the plugin was going to have a firebug/developer mode type setting that allowed for ease of selecting different elements of the site/page and allow for quick coding.  Let me know if I am doing this wrong.   (Starting Point) Frontend of website. Click Custom Code in DMS Toolbar Click PageLess   (Thanks in advance for help/support.)
  3. I've bought several of the new sections - navable being one of them. Yet every time I try to use it, it requires that I purchase it. It's not showing up in my account. I would really, really like to use the sections.   Also, will any of the Framework sections be available, or do I have to repurchase all of them?
  4. Whitehouse Pro

    Where can I purchase and download WhiteHouse Pro?