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  1. Postpin Section And Categories

    Hi, I updated this section and now my different categories pages display all posts, not only the posts assigned to a specific category (as before). Could you please fix it? My website : Photoreview Thank you in advance for your answer. Jean-Philippe
  2. Postpin Section Improvements

    Hi, Here are some ideas to improve this great premium section: possibility to exclude one (or some) categorie(s) possibility to use WP excerpts compatible with WP author page compatible with WP search page Really hope to see these missing features in the next update! Thank you for your great work! Jean-Philippe
  3. Hello there! I would like to exclude posts from a specific category on my homepage running Postpin section. How can I do that ? Maybe I can use a specific WP plugin ? Thank you for you help! Jean-Philippe
  4. Hello! I have two questions about the Postpin section: Will this section support WordPress excerpts (instead of picking the beginning of each post)? Or maybe there is already a solution I missed? I disabled the Mobile View mode in 'Pagelines > Site Options > Layout Editor' on my website [www.photoreview.fr]. Why Postpin section displays 4 columns on Firefox (on my computer) whereas there are 3 columns on Safari iApp (iPad / iPhone)? How to fixed it (I would like to see 4 columns on mobile devices)? Thank you for your kind help! Jean-Philippe
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to translate the "Load More Posts" Postpin section button into French with the following words: "Afficher plus d'articles". I identify the PHP file to edit (...wp-content/plugins/pagelines-sections/pagelines-postpins/section.php) and the two lines I have to modify: jQuery('.fetchpins a').removeClass('loading').text('<?php _e('Load More Posts', 'pagelines');?>'); $next_url = sprintf('<div class="%s fetchlink" %s><a class="btn" href="%s">%s</a></div>', $class, $display, $u, __('Load More Posts', 'pagelines')); The problem is there is an apostrophe in "Afficher plus d'articles" and of course I need to convert this apostrophe into text. Then I try to insert a backslash just before the apostrophe like this: "Afficher plus d'articles". That way the button displays the French words I want but the Postpin section doesn't work anymore. For sure I miss something. Any help please?