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  1. Hello Nick,   I want to purchase pockets, but have two for me rather important questions about the functions.   A customer likes the pockets for his site, but wants the images/gallery not to be at the bottom of the page but in first place or perhaps right behind the excerpt. Is that possible? It should be a presentation of products.   Second, on the right of the images in the gallery there first is the title and underneath soms descriptive text. According to the video, that text is inserted into the caption field of the image, but does that allow line breaks? My customer should be able to add a short description, then hit enter for a new line or white line, and than add some more text. Or is the description field used of the caption field is empy?
  2. Dear Nick, I finally got my teeth into Pockets, having had it installed for a few months now. It looks great. And the documentation is excellent.  I could not find any mention of global settings for Pocket labels though. Is that not possible? I am trying to set up a system whereby the Pockets can be populated with content sent in by users through a form (I saw you mention Gravity in other sections, I use Formidable but I am sure they work more or less in the same way). For this, the different labels would have to be custom fields with specific names. But even if I create all the Pockets manually, it would seen useful to have a global setting for the labels, if they are to be always the same. Does this make any sense? If you think there is a way to work it out, let me know or even point me in the right direction. Thanking you, greetings and good luck. Yours faithfully, Jan.
  3. Hi! Since I uppgraded Pockets my "pockets" doesn't come up in the self generating archive mode. Instead it pulls previous blog posts. My slug is /forfattare - authors. http://litetforlag.se/forfattare I really love this product - haven't seen anything look so good. And the archive mode is nicer then the shortcodes when I only have sex authors to show. I really do hope that this is a bug that can be fixed. And I also keep my fingers crossed that it will be possible to have several pockets/slugs going at the same time.
  4. Hi Nick, Huge fan I purchase everything you put out.. I'm trying to use pockets but I cannot get the archive to pull the pockets. It only seems to pull posts. I've followed the instructions and started the project a few times. The first attempt I realized I named the pockets "projects" and I also had your projects plugin activated. I assumed I crossed too many wires..I deleted everything reinstalled pockets and it still didn't work Here is the archive example: Here is an example of the shortcode being used to pull the pockets: Here is a single pocket on that site: You can see the categories for the pockets in the archive view but it only pulls posts into the archive. I tried a fresh install twice and I'm still getting the same results. This is my most recent attempt. I haven't done much of anything with the rest of the site to eliminate issues. I created 3 pockets each with their own category. I made sure that pockets are in the pocket archive as well as the single pocket sections in the drag and drop section.. Here is a single pocket: I've read all the forums and tried everything I could think of any ideas why I can't get this puppy to work? Side note: I did insert the galleries into the pockets but I did it on purpose. I disabled my css changes but I altered the design a bit to the customers specs.. Just so you didn't think I wasn't following your instructions. Thanks! Nick
  5. Hi, I'm having an issue on mobile phones and tablets where the isotope style boxes that represent each pocket in archive view are overlapping with eachother and the gutter/spacing between each is not even. I'm not sure what's causing the issue, wondering if you could help. You can see the issue here: http://varsity.wpengine.com/what-we-do
  6. Hi! I tried to look through the forum to see if this question already was asked - and answered. But I did not find it. I love Pockets. But I regret I inserted a gallery to one of the posts. How do I remove it? And finally I wonder if I can change "Details" to my own language - as "Previous" and "Next" - it looks kind of funny when I have the Swedish word for "Author" and then it is proceeded with an English word. Details - I know. But I like having it perfect. /Nina
  7. Is it possible that the archive view is not displaying all of the custom posts I produce? ie, I have 13 'pockets' posts but I only see 10 in the archive view? varsity.wpengine.com/what-we-do Is this set/limited somewhere or am I doing something wrong? I can't seem to find it... thanks!
  8. I have anyloop on this page, and have set it up to pull in posts tagged with 'Cloud Services' but nothing is showing up on the page. Should I be using a content box with the shortcode rather than the actual anyloop section? here's the page... (removed website link) thanks, Alex
  9. Hi, I setup pockets, including the slug, which I changed to be 'service' and 'services'. I then made a bunch of entries. However, I now realize that I would like to change the slug, so I can use the archive page which is automagically generated -but I want a different address than mysite.com/services . But changing the slug in Pagelines->Page Options doesn't seem to do anything now. Do I need to remove than re-install and re-enter all the posts? thanks, Alex
  10. I love Projects. The images in the gallery appear and start changing only if the mouse in the image area (no need to click). If I open and close a project box than the image gallery may show, but not change before I move the mouse. Any suggestion? (I saw in the forum that you are aware of the cropping of images). Thanks.
  11. Pockets

    Good morning, I have purchased Pockets and love it my background is black so my titles are too dark for the picture underneath would like them to be white not dark and the arrow for the next pocket is not showing...please if you could help then I can finalize the design. Thank you for all the great work.
  12. Hi Nick, Me again I need to show specific category or tags of pockets in different places and the shortcode category is not working ...can you help me with this please and will be able to show by specifi tag someday soon in category? Thank You
  13. Pockets Title

    Nick where and what specific please do I change the title to be white since my background color is black and the titles are showing black specially with a darker tint on the photo background just doesnt read. Thanks!
  14. Hi, Nick Is there a shortcode to show a specific category shortcode for pockets. and does it work with the events shortcodes???? I have purchased Pockets and love it my background is black so my titles are too dark for the picture underneath would like them to be white and the arrow for the next pocket doesn't show only a gray box....right the only way to have the titles white is if I have a white content bckg...please if you could help then I can finalize the design. Thank you for all the great work...I alsa have navable, crackbar...etc. big fan