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  1. In the Global settings, under the the Header and Footer section, where it lists  "Social Icons Pro", it enables you to list several social media accounts but not Pinterest. How can I add pinterest to the list of the social media links so it will show up in the header? Thank you!
  2. Problem with images.

    Hi there! Since I installed the Pagelines Framework to my site I am having a ton of problems with images in general. For some reason I can't edit the size of an image. It shows the edited size in the HTML but then all the images on my site have turned back to their original size. They are HUGE and they are slowing down significantly the speed of my blog. I normally use Windows Life Writer to write my posts and the same thing happens. If I edit the image there to a specific size it is fine in the draft and in the HTML but the images go back to their original size as soon as I publish them. I am also having issues with images and plugins. For example the Pinterest Plugin For Images that it was working perfectly before does not work at all or any other pluging for Pinterest images that I have tried. Help? How do I fix these problems?
  3. Not images showing to pin.

    I used to be able to see images when I was trying to pin something from my site. Since I changed my theme to PageLines Framework no images show in Internet Explore. When we click pin just a bunch of white empty boxes show up, so my readers are not able to pin from my site. How can I fix this? Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest and it is not looking good I have attached a picture so you can see what I am talking about. Thank you guys!
  4. Pinterest Style Layout

    Dear all, This is the first time in to years I am actually looking for something I can't fin in Pagelines. For our syndicated news site, I would like to create a "pinterest style" layout: showing a page filled with pics (and titles, if possible) for our syndicated posts. Any idea as on how to make that happen? Thanks, Eva
  5. When I try to 'pin' an image from one of the blog posts on one of my websites onto my Pinterest board, the only images I can pin are from the carousel. The images on the blog itself show up faded with a message 'Sorry, cannot pin this image'. Does anyone know why this would happen? I wondered if the carousel was the problem as I have another PlatformPro site where I don't use the carousel and I can pin from that one. Is there a known problem or am I overlooking something obvious? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.