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  1. Hello, Shouldn't the image PL5 component be using the srcset/picture css directives to pick the correct size for an image? or it does already and I don't know how to use it? Thank you for any advice or enlightenment.
  2. Picture upload failed

    I am new to WordPress and to Page lines DMS, so please be kind an patient....   I have successfully gotten WordPress and DMS working through my web host site (GoDaddy)...   When I attempt to upload a picture using the DMS uploader, I get an error message saying Upload failed...   I have tried multiple web browsers AND 3 different computers....no luck.   Any and all advice would be appreciated.    
  3. how to insert picture in sidebar?

    hey there, what is the easiest and quickest way to insert a still image into the sidebar...without css...? thanks in advance.