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  1. Photos in my Postloop that load correctly on my laptop (both Chrome and Firefox) display sideways on my iPad. Photos in boxes load correctly. I have not disabled mobile viewing. I started a thread on Wordpress on this issue, as well. Any ideas? Thanks for any help!
  2. attention humans: i would appreciate any support in regards to a solution for locking photos on my website. thank you!
  3. Response Gallery

    Hi, I got a problem with response gallery. It functions quite well, the only thing is, that it doesn't show up on the main blog page in (blog layout mode, not magazine mode), if used in a blog post and "post/blog page" is marked under "full post content" in the main site options. Means: I got a photoblog, where I got one photo per blogpost shown up in full width on the blog page underneath each other. If I put a response gallery into a post instead of a single photo, no photo is shown up on the blog page. Inserting a single photo additional to the response gallery is no option, because it looks crappy. Can anyone help?