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  1. Issues setting up

    Ok, I have been making WordPress websites for a while and the last hour has been a little frustrating.   First I sign up for DMS Then I attempt to get it running on serverpress - turns out that I have to use Chrome for DMS, So I attempt to go to my serverpress instance from Chrome, for reasons unknown it does not work (not dms's fault) Ok no trouble, I will put it on the live server, did that and loaded my standard under construction plugin - this then gives an error when going to the dms site.   Then I think ok, they must have their own under construction plugin so I purchase the plugin-coming-soon-v3.zip plugin.  Ok now when I click on the provided link I get a 404 Not Found.   So I am in a situation where I have to work on a website live, which is not an option for me.   Frustrating situation right now.