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  1. Basically I want to create pages that are published but will not appear in the navbar
  2. Hello I am brand new to this forum. I have searched for a solution to my issue in the topics to no avail, I hope someone can help. I have built a site on my local server using PageLines Lite in WP and everything looked great. However, when I transferred the site across to the remote server (using Webhero as host) the site displays incorrectly, as if the CSS customization is missing. There are no error messages as far as I can tell and all the files are where they should be so I am really at a loss. I have tried: - Deleting everything and doing a clean install - Flushed the permalinks - Disabled all the plugins - Ran the CSS through validation I have tried other themes and they are working fine (Twenty-eleven etc.) this issue is only affecting PL. Can someone help with this please? I need this site up and running asap. Many thanks in advance TB