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  1. I'm trying to use the full width rev slider and noticed that when you activate the slide URL, a "read more" link appears in that specific slide. Is there a way to just make the whole slide a link? Thanks.
  2. How do

    Guys,    I have configured the Navbar but when the screen is not wide enough it changes to a pullout from the right. This is awesome, but how does one control the menu used for this. It is not the same as the one normally shown and I do not see how to configure it.    http://blog-hinshelwood-com.mrhinsh.staging.wpengine.com http://pagelines.com On Pagelines.com you show more menu options on the sub page...   How is this all configured...   -MrHinsh
  3. New to the world of Pagelines/DMS.    Signed up for a developer account and have been playing with it the past few days non-stop playing on multiple domains I own.   I freelance as a web designer and the main reason I signed up for the developer account was to take my designs to the next level and start building on DMS for client sites. Going to wait a bit for bugs/kinks to get all worked out but I do have a question.   When I install DMS to one of my sites, I go and sign into my account and enter my activation key and it registers, etc.  If I design a site/templates for a clients project and then everything is complete and I'm ready to upload the site to the clients Wordpress install, I have to install DMS, correct?   If so, how do I keep them from having access to my activation key since I would need to install DMS for the templates to work on their site, correct?   This may sound like a dumb question and I'm sure I'm missing something pretty obvious...haha.   Thanks!