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  1. My art designer provided me with a font for my website and I have tried using cufon but the font does not render well. I have also tried the font-face through Css and it still did not work too well. - Is there a way of integrating a custom font into the Pagelines child themes? Thanks
  2. I am attempting to upgrading from Platform 1.4.1 to Pageline 2.3.8 with an install of wordpress 3.4.2. and once I activate the theme my previous posted content is displayed without any theme layout. See wigmag.com for results. I have followed all instructions provided about upgrading. I have removed all widgets and plugins. Twice I have deleted the theme, obtained a new download and installed the pageline theme with the same results. In an email exchange with support, they think it might be caused by a permissions issue, but provide no clue to what files or direcctories that would be. The server I'm running it on is using PHP version 5.2.10, MySQL version 5.0.51.
  3. How to remove this footer image and link? I dont want a image there. Search the forum but nothing works. Must be simple tough........
  4. Ok, so I have set up my site to have two sidebars on each side. I have put content in primary sidebar, secondary sidebar and tertial sidebar. On somme pages i want to have primary and secondary. But on Product Archive I want to have tertial and Secondary. In drag and drop I have set up (in content area) the three sidebars. Primary to show sidebar one and two. And primary to hide tertialsidebar. In "Page Options" under product archve I have set to hide primary and to show tertial. But when I go to the page (in this case Jigoshop Product archive) The page will show primary and secondary. I can however have one sidebar. And when I do, the tertial shows up. But only then. On either the left or the right side. I have had issues before where the option to change settings in archive have not been visible at all. But this is different. Everything seems to work except it will not do as I say. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. First I had put all the sidebars in drag and drop. So I could show and hide as I pleased. But @rangelone told me I couldnĀ“t so I changed that. So is this a bug or something I am doing wrong? And the site is http://cherryroad.se/shop