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  1. I just purchased the plugin.  I feel that it just duplicates the editor already within DMS.  I thought the plugin was going to have a firebug/developer mode type setting that allowed for ease of selecting different elements of the site/page and allow for quick coding.  Let me know if I am doing this wrong.   (Starting Point) Frontend of website. Click Custom Code in DMS Toolbar Click PageLess   (Thanks in advance for help/support.)
  2. Hello Evan,   I purchased PageLess for Frameworks, and my plugin does not seem to work for DMS...   Do I need to re-purchase this again? As my sections / plugins are not showing anywhere and there does not seem to be an update in the plugin section of WP..   Please advise..   Thank you    
  3. I have 5 sites that is setup the same. Recently I have noticed two of them load between 4-5sec longer than the others.   Host: IPage. (Everything is updated) Sites: memyselfandpeke.com and innerpeke.com   I have WT3 Cache installed and MaxCDN. I have also read all your topic forums on this and docs.   According to tools.pingdom.com the slow speed is due to the Pageless, which with the WT3 now off load 4-6sec on its own- with it on still 3-4sec.   I do not understand why I get this problem on only these two sites and have no idea what to look for or how to fix this (I am not a developer).   Can you give me any suggestions on what to do to fix this.
  4. Doesn't work with LESS Variables?

    http://cl.ly/image/0N3U4428363v woops, meant this: http://cl.ly/image/0I1p1h0N2c2w
  5. PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function ddprint() in /home1/suzytest/public_html/wp-content/plugins/page-less/page-less.php on line 328 I've been getting this for about a week. Seems like Carousel (which I'm not using.)
  6. Hi there, We're having loading issues regarding to pageless file. We can't figure out what the problem is; some sites having "compiled" working better, it seems. Don't know where to adjust. We've read the issues http://www.pagelines...ow/?hl=pageless and http://www.pagelines...e-loading-time/. We tested with and without W3 Total Cache (apc). We added define( 'LESS_FILE_MODE', true ); to wp-config of the wp network. It's a wordpress network installation with recruytment.nl (we still have to adjust the images :-)) as main site. Subdomain install with f.e. www.recruitmentpartners.nl as multisite. At both, pagelines debug is activated now. All sites in the network use the pagelines framework with a custom pagelines child theme. Pages are small but load time is extremely high, except sometimes for the mainsite, but still the pageless file seems to slow down this one as well. Analysis via tools.pingdom.com and webpagetest.org result all in showing issues/extreme load time with the pageless file. In some other wordpress-network-pagelines-installs we see compiled-css files, some others show pageless. Again, we have tested this with and without W3 Total Cache. Issues are the same in both situations. Thank you for your time.