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  1. Hello,   I know how you guys are about holding our hands when it comes to css.  Though I am a complete newbie on this, I did read the Pagelines support page on Custom CSS as well as the W3 website.  So I know how to apply the change, I'm just having trouble nailing down the correct element.   I was able to find it using the Chrome inspection tool (see attached).  And I was even able to remove the padding by un-checking the padding box in inspection mode.  I just can't nail down what element tag to put into the Customize plugin.     Fslider is not working.  This is what I currently have:   fslider { padding:none; }   Can I get some help on this?   Alyse www.theurbancoin.com 
  2. I'm a newbie, so I'm still learning.  I can't seem to figure out how to separate the header template area from the top of the site, or top bar at the very top of the site.  What I want is to bring the header template area down some, so that you can see my background image.   I don't know how to even go about giving that a class, or code it in custom code.  Can anyone help me please. Thanks.  
  3. greetings oh generous human species:   I would like to reduce the padding space between my classic navigation bar and my custom logo. www.tedfury.com/shop   I have had no luck locating a simple answer for this issue on any forum.    Please help assist.    The future of my species may rest solely upon your shoulders...   hT
  4. Hi James,    It is the gap between the main menu (Test Page) and the content area on http://www.compare-assetsoftware.co.uk/wordpress/   I would like no gap between the main menu/navigation and the content area.    Please advise.    Prasanna
  5. nav classic

    Anyone know how to reduce the space between nav links in Nav Classic? They're too widely spaced apart for my site. Thanks
  6. Hello, I'm looking for help with the top Brand Nav Section of this site. http://www.effectivepeoplegroup.com.au/group/ I need to have the main logo centred and all the header section in the yellow band. At the moment I can't seem to remove the padding from around the main logo. It is showing a white panel on the left side. I'm very new to CSS so need help please, after going through the forums I have used the following CSS #branding .section-branding .content-pad {padding:0;} And it does nothing I also have added .section-brandnav .mainlogo-link img {max-width: 103%;} max-width:100% leaves me with white on the right side also so adjusting this to 103% seemed to help. But increasing this didn't change it further. I've tried inspecting with Chrome inspect tool and can't seem to find how to fix it. Also I need to centre the Navigation and extend to the width of the page 900px. With the menus evenly spaced or centred in this space. At the moment I'm stuck with it being right aligned. I tried the Sexy Snips but it doesn't work though I did succeed with the code they suggested to make the font bold for the navigation. Thanks, Jacqui
  7. boxes + responsive css

    Hi, i have an issue with the box section. I have a css3 fade animation as hover effect and both images (top+bottom) are positioned in the box content area. The browser compatibility is ok in firefox, google chrome, safari, but the responsive layout doesn't work on the mobile devices.... how can i resolve this? thx for your response. Site: http://wp.tanzprojekte.ch/wordpress/kursangebot/ Code Html: <div class="hover_kurse"><a href="#"> <img class="bottom" alt="afro fit link" src="http://wp.tanzprojekte.ch/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/at_discover_02_hover.jpg" /> <img class="top" alt="afro discover link" src="http://wp.tanzprojekte.ch/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/at_discover_02.jpg" /> </a></div> Code Css: .hover_kurse{ position:relative;width: 250px; height: 250px;} .hover_kurse img{ position:absolute; left:0; top:0px; display:block; opacity:1; -webkit-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out; -moz-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out; -o-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out; transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;} .hover_kurse img:hover {opacity:0;}
  8. Hello, I need help with the header: 1. Change the color behind my uploaded logo to black 2. Center the logo (I will not be using the area to the right for social media icons) 3. Remove the space/padding around the logo so that it is flush with the top of the screen, the nav bar, and left and right margins -- Actually if I did this, I guess changing the color behind it would be irrelevant because it would take up the entire space. See http://severxance.com/ I am trying to get it to look similar to the attached mockup. Thank you.
  9. I don't know css, that is why I wanted to use a drag and drop theme--and I've used PageLines on 3 other websites. But now I'm trying to place a banner at the top (and eventually will need one at the bottom) of the page. I've got the banner placed, but there's too much padding. Here's the site: http://ccusers.org/
  10. padding

    I'm trying to reduce the padding around the logo, nav bar, boxes at the top of the site so that I can condense the website. Note all the white space. www.showtimerealtynw.com
  11. Hi. I am building a new site at www.climbur.com using PageLines. It's the latest version of PL and WP hosted on Synthesis. I need to remove the padding on div.content-pad but I don't see where I can edit the CSS without FTP... does the PL framework remove CSS editing under the WP Appearance area? See attachments. I want the content to lineup flush with the logo at www.climbur.com. I set the content area to be 800px wide... but in reality, with this padding, it is 30px less at 770px. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Also--I tried to sign into the Live Chat using the same credentials that let me post here in the forum but it won't let me in... anyone know why? Chris
  12. Push all content down

    I'm trying to find a way to push the content on ALL pages down, without effecting the nav. So if there are features, or boxes, or just text I want it further down the page in relation to the navigation. Everything I've found on here just seems to deal with one aspect or the other. Do I need to pad the navigation on the bottom? Or?
  13. This seems to happen in Internet Explorer + Firefox. You can see the site here: Can anyone give me some pointers to fix it? I'm probably overlooking something stupid! Thanks
  14. Hello, I would like to adjust the space underneath our images in blog posts. I have tried several different things, searched, and haven't found a solution yet. What css code would work to reduce (adjust) the padding under blog post images. Example: http://thisisyou.net/lindsay-cory/ That huge white line underneath is what we would like to reduce down. Thanks, Mark
  15. NEWBIE! I am having trouble figuring out how to create spacing between Brandnav & Nav Classic menus. Website here.. http://website-design-vancouver.ca/blog/ I want the block-menu to be up higher, and the line to be right along the bottom of the block-menu buttons. I have created most of the menus using CSS, but not sure if this is the best way to do it. Can you help?
  16. Hi all, can someone help me with a css change? I want to change the padding between a certain banner type, see the two at the bottom of this page... http://www.istianjin.org/index.php/our-enrollment-process/admission-process/ I'd like to reduce the spacing between them if possible... but the tricky bit is only applying the padding reduction to one particular category of banner (Banner - Advertising) and not the others Not played about with css too much before! Thanks Barney
  17. Reduce space below Masthead

    Hello! I'm trying to reduce some of the massive amount of whitespace between the Masthead section and the Highlight section on this page: http://www.skypeenglishclasses.com/payments/ I've tried using the suggestions here: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/21089-change-the-height-of-masthead-section/?hl=space+below+masthead and here: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/21395-extra-lines-white-space-between-pageline-options-how-to-remove-it/?hl=space+below+masthead#entry124426 and a few variations on them, but without success.
  18. I am working on a site for myself and I have hit a road block with one small portion. I checked the forum, and none of the answers on there fixes my issue or I would not have written. If you check my site, I am just trying to reduce the space between the header/branding and the navigation. I assume it is a little css code added to make the change. I already have my custom CSS installed, so if you all know what I should enter to change the padding in between these sections or any other tweak to fix it I would be very happy. http://zumbamusic.co/ Thanks Jimmy
  19. LAYOUT

    So. I have a text widget in the primary sidebar which is place in SB1 (sidebar 1). I want to move it to the right and give it a lot of breathing room between the main column and SB2. This is a mockup of what I am attempting to achieve: http://imgur.com/vSqdi (fig 1) This is the specific problem: http://imgur.com/UQH8K (fig 2) As you can see, the text, which will eventually be built to resemble the "Cheat Sheet" in figure 1, must be moved to the right. Do I work with the padding and margins in #1 The text widget itself #2 The sidebar widget, or #3 SB! Thank you.
  20. I am unable to change the padding in the main column. When I change .mcolumn-pad { padding-bottom: 0; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px; padding-top: 0;} in firebug, it changes the padding. When I paste the code into custom code, or into PageLESS, it does nothing. I WAS, however, able to change .mcolumn-pad { border-right: 1px dotted #000000; margin-right: 0px; border-left: 1px dotted #000000; margin-left: 0px;} the margins. I replaced the video that was in the main column with a static image, and used FlushLess. It won't work. capemyers.com
  21. Can anyone direct me on how to remove the padding from around my logo image area? I would like a 1px padding instead of what's there now. I'm able to view the area in Firebug, but I can't figure out how to change the script on the site. Thanks for your help. Site: http://www.ezkool.com
  22. Hi, I'm tying to reduce the padding below the Features or above a the Highlight section. Looking through the forum I found some code to change the padding above the Boxes section (see below) but I can't identify the equivalent of pprow in either Features or Highlights. Any help would be greatly appreciated. .pprow {margin-top:-50px!Important;} Rob
  23. Hi! Thanks for a great framework! I need help with two things I can't seem to figure out... 1) I want to place my logo right on top of the main navbar (in fact I want to place a site-wide picture including both picture and title of my website above, making it look like the picture is resting on top of the navbar). There is a gap of about maybe 20-30 px's and I want to get rid of it. Some custom CSS should do the trick, right? But what exactly? 2) How do I change the text color within the main navbar? I've chosen the Orange theme, and I want the text to be black. I think I'm missing something fairly easy, so sorry about that, but I just can't seem to find the answers! Thank you in advance!
  24. So I'm a fairly experienced developer with php and css, and I'm finding a small problem with the pagelines framework that I can't seem to fix. There appears to be a 5px gap at the bottom of my pagelines sites that I'm unable to find the cause of. HTML, BODY, div#site, and footer#footer, the only elements I could think of that would cause this, all have their margin/padding set to 0. When I turn the body background off/on, it is showing that it is the BODY element showing through. When I click on it using firebug, firebug highlights the html element. In the image below, the green line is where the browser should be sitting, but for some reason it has that 5px gap below the site. And this is a more visible example from another site I'm working on. The light beige/green at the bottom shouldn't be there and I'm not sure how to get rid of it:
  25. Hi, I would like to add padding to a contentbox and several contentboxes. I've looked into the W3SCHOOLS on Id and class but I don't seem to get it right. 1. How do I change padding on one specific Contentbox. The box i named "Contbx 1", se string below. ... more specific, what do I use in my custom code from the string below? --- HTML-- <div class="scolumn-pad"> <section id="contentbox" class="copy no_clone section-contentbox"> <div class="copy-pad"> <div class="hentry Contbx 1"> <div class="hentry-pad Contbx 1-pad entry_content" style="padding-top: 41px; padding-left: 11px;"> </div> <div class="clear"></div> --- CSS-- element.style { padding-left: 11px; padding-top: 41px; } .hentry .hentry-pad { padding: 0 0 25px; } .entry_content { padding: 0 10px; 2. How do I change padding on all my contentboxes? They are named Contbx 1, Contbx 2 and so on. Kind regards