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  1. Hiya,   I've tried several different ways to center the main navigation for our site, but it still prefers to be a left-handed wallflower.    I used the code from 'sexy snips' and some code found in the forum from a user who sought to do the same thing last year. I even tried a couple of plugins.    I have a large number of plug-ins on my site so I deactivated everything and then cleared the cache as per some forums I read earlier. Still no love.    Thoughts? Suggestions? Code for the custom code area? (also, I put the custom code in the CSS Rules section). To be clear I have no knowledge of CSS at all. When I have time I will attempt learn, but for now I'm relying on those far more clever than myself. lol   Please let me know.   Thanks!   Noob. (aka Mary)
  2. greetings oh generous human species:   I would like to reduce the padding space between my classic navigation bar and my custom logo. www.tedfury.com/shop   I have had no luck locating a simple answer for this issue on any forum.    Please help assist.    The future of my species may rest solely upon your shoulders...   hT
  3. I have upgraded to PageLines Lite from Platform for my site.   I have tried to modify the theme of the navigation bar at Pagelines -> Site Options -> NavBar -> Select Theme   However, no matter how I tried, the navigation is always in Light Grey.   Even after I reset all settings and even import the settings from my Pagelines test drive (http://ernestek.pagelines.me/), it always appears the same.   Any ideas how I can change the theme of the navigation bar?   Thanks!
  4. Hello,    I am unable to get the UberMenu plugin to display in the Primary Website Navigation of my site.   I have integrated UberMenu successfully with other projects, but this is the first time I am unable to get the menu to appear on the primary navigation of an iBlogPro5 theme. The menu will appear in the footer when I choose the Simple Nav option, but that's not where I need/want it to appear. I am leaving the Simple Nav option checked, so you can see how it appears on the website: www.farms.uy   I've already contacted the plugin developer who sent me a link to an unrelated UberMenu here on the Pagelines forum. He also said, "I'm not familiar enough with the Pagelines-specific terminology to understand exactly what is going on." He then offered to "write up some integration instructions specific to the theme."   I'm wondering if I need to deactivate any of the navigation options under the Core Framework menu. If so, which ones? Any advice or recommendations that Pagelines could offer to me or the developer offering to write up some integration instructions would be appreciated.    Thank you,    Patrick  URL: farms.uy WordPress Version: 3.5.2 Theme: iBlogPro5 with 8 widgets
  5. Navigation

    Hallo, i have problems with the navigationbar for parentsites. wenn i have childsites i  cant click on the parentlink. only the childsitelinks are working. the yellow marked links are inactive. why? i use WP 3.5.2 with actual paglineversion. thanks. georg [sharedmedia=core:attachments:1209]
  6. Social Icons In Classic Nav?

    Hello! I'm having trouble placing the social icons in the same "row" as the main navigation (I'm using the classic nav). The ideal result would be the navigation aligned left, the icons right. I tried the function for the customize plugin Danny provided in this post http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/19563-how-can-i-add-social-icons-to-the-brand-nav/, and tried to locate the correct position with ActionMap. With this I was able to place the icons anywhere within the page but the same row as the navigation. I thought "pagelines_inside_bottom_nav" would do the job, but all that happens is a line break. You can see my problem here: http://wuoau.org/ My additional function in functions.php looks like this add_action('pagelines_inside_bottom_nav', 'social_icons'); function social_icons(){ ?> <div class="icons" align="right"> I'm an animator, not a web designer. Maybe I just can't see the super-easy & super-obvious solution Greetings from Berlin, Wolfgang
  7. Subnav not working

    Using 2.4.3 Framework with the Simplicitate Theme. I removed this theme because there were other bugs in it, and I thought this might be one of them, but when I returned to the framework as theme the subnav still didn't show up. I have double checked the parent and child pages were properly assigned, and have used several browsers to see if perhaps it was a Google Chrome issue. So far, the subnav doesn't show up in Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, or Opera. Currently, the site can be viewed at http://ashbybp.com/wp. It is live, but not advertised as yet. When it goes live it will be at http://ashby-bp.com. I am the complete opposite of web-guru. I have no idea if any plug-in could affect this site and wouldn't know where to begin in terms of removing them to help. All I know is navigation is going to be seriously hampered until this is sorted. Any assistance would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I've being trying to work out how to get page numbers (or any kind of page navigation) on the homepage of www.alicecarolineblog.co.uk. I've set the homepage to display latest posts and have set the number to 10 posts. I want some kind of navigation at the bottom of the page that will enable the reader to click and see the next 10 posts. This seems like it should be simple but I can't for the life of me work out how to do it. Any help would be gratefully received! Thanks.
  9. For some reason as soon as I add a Level 2 NAV to my site, the level one's slug gets messed up. Check the bottom left of the attached screenie for the menu item "Industries". It goes from "/industries" to "/#m1". This happens with any menu time I work with. Site URL: http://goo.gl/eSjqF This may not be a PL issue at all.
  10. nav classic

    Hello, I would like to know how to customize the nav classic and get a full-width one ? Thank you for helping.
  11. I am trying to change the background color of the drop down menu in my main navigation. When you hover over the drop down menues the color is blue but I need it to be a different color. I know it's a link, but I want to change the color to something else. Here is a link to the site: http://www.kestlemedia.com/kooki/ I've used firebug and google chrome to try target the html/css. I've attached what they give me. When I try to add css to target this I can't get anything to change. I'm not sure what exactly I should be targeting I guess. Would appreciate some guidance on this. I've tried a few variation but mostly along these lines: .dropdown-menu li.current-menu-item a {background-color:#ffffff;} - seems this should work but have also tried all kinds of other ones. .dropdown-menu li.current-menu-item a:hover {background-color:#ffffff;} .dropdown-menu li a:hover{background-color:#ffffff;} .nav-collapse collapse{background-color:#ffffff;} ul #menu-main-navigation .font-sub navline pldrop pull-left{background-color:#ffffff;} Thanks so much. Lorraine
  12. I'm looking for the image files of the down and right arrows that are used in the Navigation structure. I want to replace the gray with either white or black arrows. Based on what I found with firebug, I thought it was arrows-ffffff.png in themes > pagelines > sections > nav > images I saved a copy of the original png for backup. I changed the arrows in the png to black and saved that file as arrows-ffffff.png. I put it back into the directory, but that didn't work. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Scott
  13. Hi, I need help in figuring out how to change the link of the Fixed NavBar logo. It's set to go to the homepage, but I need it to go somewhere specific. thanks for any help you can provide.
  14. I have been creating a website for my client at tacticalpurpose.com and I am using a secondary navigation for membership info. However it is only displaying on the homepage. How can I get this to show up on all pages? Everything looks fine in the backend of pagelines.
  15. Menu links yield 404

    Hello everyone, mysterious problem, all links in the main nav are 404-ing. I have only one nav bar on the site right now. I've combed over everything but am missing something, would appreciate your help and here are the details: Website URL: http://murrayhillweaving.com/wordpress/ Framework Version: 2.4.1 pro WordPress Version: 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: Contact Form 7 AIO SEO Pack Event Espresso Lite Facebook Likes You NextGen Gallery
  16. Navigation customisation

    Hello, I am having trouble with the main nav colours of the site currently being worked on. This may prove tricky to explain, but here goes... On this page (part of the PermCalc section), roll over the PermCalc menu, then on the drop down menu the current page is highlighted in the buff colour. All other pages are coloured light blue and do not appear to change when rolled over. I would like the colours to swap round if possible so the current page is highlighted in blue and other pages in buff. This happens if you roll over a menu which is not a parent of the current page being viewed. When rolling over another drop down menu (eg. Services) everything looks OK. Code for nav here: #nav {background: #a78c77 !important; border-top: 2px solid #ffffff !important} #nav .content-pad, #secondnav .content-pad {padding-bottom: 0px !important; padding-top: 0px !important} .navigation_wrap {border-bottom: 0px !important} .main_nav {font-size: 16px;} .main_nav li a {padding-left: 10px !important; border-left: 1px solid #ffffff !important; padding-right: 10px !important; color: #ffffff} .main_nav li a:hover {color:#ffffff !important; background: #00adea !important} .main-nav .current-menu-ancestor a, .main-nav li.current-menu-ancestor ul a, .main-nav li.current_page_item a, .main-nav li.current-menu-item a, .main-nav li.current_page_parent a {color:#ffffff !important; background: #00adea !important;} .page-item-470 {border-right: 1px solid #ffffff} .main-nav li:hover, .main-nav .current-page-ancestor a, .main-nav li.current-page-ancestor ul a, .main-nav li.current_page_item a, .main-nav li.current-menu-item a, .sf-menu li li, .sf-menu li li li {background-color:#afac91 !important;} .page-item-974, .page-item-21, .page-item-157, .page-item-992 {margin-top: 5px !important;} I hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance Phil
  17. Hi! Is there a way of making one of the Main Navigation links (buttons) an external page? (use the target="_blank" on a menu item) Thanks!
  18. Hello everybody, Im new here, i hope to help people aswell as been helped. Here is my problem: Im using Pagelines LiteEdition and it was everything working OK untill this weekend, when the navigation options for the quickslider decided not to work anymore.. I have 3 sites and i ve only changed one of them this weekend, so it cant be the fact that i ve installed new plugins ( i ve uninstalled the new ones and the error is still there )... So, when i click the arrows to change the slide, is like it refreshes the page again... Any clues of what could be going wrong ?? Thanks a lot ! Nik
  19. I need to change the font used overall in my site. I've downloaded the font and changed the css. I can see via chrome and firebug that the site is looking for the font but can't find it (see attached). I've uploaded what I think are the right font files to the font folder where the other fonts are stored. Is this the correct place to put them? Where should they be so that the website can find them. Thanks so much. Lorraine site url: http://www.kestlemedia.com/kooki/books/
  20. Multiple Levels in Nav Bar

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how to get multiple levels to drop down in the nav bar. Currently I have a main page --> linked to a content page --> linked to another content page. On the nav bar I see the main page along the top (home, blog, main, main, etc) then when I scroll over it drops down one level to my first content page. When I scroll to the first content page on the drop down I would like it to show the next level of content pages. On my personal website (www.theworldofmark.com) it does what I need it too (but this is on the platform pro framework... not the newer pagelines pro framework). Please help! asa-sales.com Mark Brown
  21. Nav bar (clear all styles)

    Hi, is there any way to simply clear all sytles like background, font formating, etc... from navigation bar. And it works with all browsers? Tnx
  22. Would like to make a font-family change (ChopinScript) on hover in the main navigation bar. I've made several attempts in the custom code area, but can't seem to get the correct formula or the find right section of the stylesheet to make the change. Would kindly appreciate some assistance if you've done this before. The site can be viewed at http://www.pjodwyer.com/pjwp/ Thanks in advance for your help!
  23. Hi there, I'm looking to make the navigation bar the full length of the page and change the background color. In Firebug, I found div class for the navigation bar, but am having trouble finding the selector and proper attributes to adjust and add a background color and full-width span. What setting/css selector should I look to change? What attributes would be best to use for how this navigation bar is set up in page lines? Here is the site: http://mindfulbaby.com/ Thanks
  24. Hi guys, I am using the secondary navigation as my main menu and I would like to add a wrap to it, like in the picture below. Could you advise me what would be the easiest way to do that? Here is what I've added so far... ul.sf-menu li a { padding: 10px 55px; position:relative; left:-105px; font-size:26px; font-weight:normal; } I am sorry I am not able to send you a link as the site is still private. Thank you in advance!
  25. Hello, I am trying to implement a BrandNav menu. The menu items appear vertically and somewhat lower on the right edge. In all docs and forum post samples, they are horizontal, to the right of the logo (e.g. here: http://support.pagelines.me/docs/sections/brandnav/). I cannot figure out where my settings can be different. Is there an easy solution to this? Here is the URL: http://www.animatinggaza.com/wordpress/ Thank you for your help! Yours faithfully, Jan.