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  1. Every time I choose to use the Navbar and one of the links have nest pages, on hover all the nest pages links work however the main page link would not. For example on the images attach I would like for the personal training page to be a link aswell ratter than just be a button for only the nest pages of this link. Not sure what I am not doing, the classic navigation bar does work normal so why the NavBar does not? I tried to create a menu and link that to the bar however the dropdown links of the nest pages does not work with the custom menu. I am sure this is an easy thing but I have not been able to solve it.
  2. Hello to all - Let me start by thanking all of you out there. I am new to web development and have been teaching myself how to put a website together. I started with just wordpress and bought the pagelines package. I am a total novice. On my site passportsonline.org, I had a full navigation bar of pages. I was playing around with the drag and drop aspect to see what did what. As of last night the site was fine and all of the pages were in tact. Today when I opened the site, all of the pages on the navigation were gone except for one. The one that remains, is a subpage of a page that is know gone. When I go to add a new page, I am able ot create the page in the back end but nothing appears in the navigation. I was considering setting the pagelines back to the defaults. What do you guys think. thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your help Most Respectfully Joshua
  3. A few months ago we launched cboqyouth.ca And I've just noticed (in Browserstack) that in IE8 and IE9, the main dropdown menus fall behind the feature slider of videos - and become obscured. Alas, for IE. It seems to be a similar issue to the forum post http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/23572-nav-bar-drop-down-disappears-behind-video/?hl=menu+behind+video#entry137691 In this case, I also tried to use a z-index: 1; but couldn't find the right selector for this. Any ideas?
  4. I created a nice looking home button using {LESS} and Font Awesome under custom menu item seen here. I can't get it to center or align left. I tried: <div style="font-size: 18px; text-align: center;"><i class="icon-home icon-large"> </i></div> Any reason why this isn't working?
  5. I have a website that looks great on Mac browsers ( http://michellekimstudio.com ) with all white (transparent) behind the nav bar but in IE 7, 8, 9 it is showing up with a black background on the nav bar. Not sure how to fix it... I have a screen shot of it in IE attached.
  6. I have Frameworks 2.3. My site is www.lifechallengesemi.org. The site looks great and displays correctly in Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox (odd resolution for some reason in Firefox, but acceptable). However, the main nav bar displays incorrectly in IE 9. Incorrectly. I understand the issues with IE 8. I don't have a problem with that. I just need to know if there is a fix for IE 9. My settings for the navbar are these: Fixed navbar is not enabled. Standard NavBar theme selected is "Black Transparent (Default)". With these settings I am getting a weird blue menu bar with vignetted color from dark to light in IE 9. Nothing like the way it is supposed to be rendered and nothing like the way it is rendered in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. I must say, I have been reviewing these forums regarding browser incompatibility and I detect a note of snarkiness from the staff. Although I understand that it is hard to handle when a lot of people are upset with you and rude, please just answer the question. I don't care about IE 8. I only care about the incompatibility with IE 9. Is there a fix?