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  1. Hi! I just realized that my secondary navigation does appear on the home page only. This navi contain the categories and I allocated it in the "Morefoot" section (in "Drag & Drop"), but it's the same when I allocate it in the "Footer" section. I checked the "Page Setup" in "Page Options" for all pages (Blog, Archive, Category, Search, Tags, Author Posts, 404) : nowhere is the checkbox "Hide Secondary Navi" active. That's amazing because the carousel, which is allocated in the "Morefoot" section as well, does show up on all pages! In case you would like to see it, here it appears (just on top of the carousel): http://mobiwatch.de/ and here it doesn't, the carousel only: http://mobiwatch.de/zubehor/ What the hell is this? Does anybody has an ideal why this happens??? Thanks in advance!