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  1. 2 questions

    Hey,  1. I want to know if I can take off the top menu ? 2. There is a transition for Hebrew ?
  2. Menu for One Page Site

    It is taking me way to long to figure out how to create a menu for a one page site and I'd appreciate some help.  I guess I need to create a menu and use custom links but what do I need to put into the custom link and where on my page do I put what do the menu link goes to the part of the page I want it to?  Thank you for any help you can provide!
  3. Navable Menu Collapse

    I am having a strange issue where the Navable menu appears to be collapsed into a list.  This has been the case since the first time I dropped the section into the header.  I can't figure out what I'm missing.  Appreciate the help.   Screencap: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2j1tcjhywb8r2ob/navable.png  
  4. I have searched your forum and really tried a lot to fix it, but it looks i need your help.   I'm using the Simple Nav Section for a footer menu wich is defined in the menus and configured to show in the Simple Nav section in Theme Locations. The Simple Nav Section is activated for all page types in Page Option Setup.   But for reasons i can't understand the menu is only shown on post pages and the home page which is a page with a different template (but the footer is not different, because is is site wide defined).   --> http://europecrowdfunding.winball.de/category/events-meetups/events/ does not show the menu in the Simple Nav section   The HTML contains the section and even the <ul> for the menu, but it is empty <ul id="menu-footer-navigation" class="inline-list simplenav font-sub"></ul>   --> http://europecrowdfunding.winball.de/ -->http://europecrowdfunding.winball.de/2013/07/ecn-survey/ shows the menu in the Simple Nav section   Do i miss something to configure it correctly, or is this some kind of bug or problem?   Thanks
  5. So im using a third party slider (Revolution Slider) I cant seem to figure out how to get the drop down men to go over top if it.  I bought and tried Menu over top with no success.  This is the test site im working with.  Any suggestions?  Thanks   http://radpreview.com/ADG/    
  6. Hi,   I need a litle help with my menu. I have tried to remove the last seperator line as seen in my screen shot, but I can not figure out how to write code that works properly. Can you help me out?   my site is http://blog.rocktownbicycles.com/   Thanks, Bellcreative
  7. Classic Nav and Mobile

    Is it possible to have the Nav Classic active for desktop and tablets, but the NavBar for phones and small devices?   It is a lot easier for me to style the Nav Classic than the new Nav Bar, but the new Nav Bar has a much better mobile presence.
  8. Dropdown menu not working

    Hi all, my client just contacted me and told me that the drop down menu on the site stopped working. I reviewed the site and it no longer works. The site has been running great for about two years no issues. Now the menus stop working. Does anyone know why this is happing or how to fix the issue. Website Thank you
  9. When our site is viewed on a mobile device (both Android and iOS), the menu icon appears in the top left as normal. When you tap on the menu icon, it expands to display the search box & menu items, but only for a half-second or so, then immediately contracts to display only the search box. Below is the custom CSS I use on the menu. Could it be that my mods have caused this errant behavior somehow? Any thoughts are appreciated. - Chris SITE: http://westminsterlincoln.org/ CSS: .plbrand-text { display:none; } .navbar { font-size: 1.5em; } .navbar .navline { margin-left: 10px; position: absolute; } .navbar.pl-color-blue { background: rgb(0,43,64); background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, rgba(0,43,64,1) 0%, rgba(0,64,94,1) 8%, rgba(0,43,64,1) 100%); background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%,rgba(0,43,64,1)), color-stop(8%,rgba(0,64,94,1)), color-stop(100%,rgba(0,43,64,1))); background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, rgba(0,43,64,1) 0%,rgba(0,64,94,1) 8%,rgba(0,43,64,1) 100%); background: -o-linear-gradient(top, rgba(0,43,64,1) 0%,rgba(0,64,94,1) 8%,rgba(0,43,64,1) 100%); background: -ms-linear-gradient(top, rgba(0,43,64,1) 0%,rgba(0,64,94,1) 8%,rgba(0,43,64,1) 100%); background: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba(0,43,64,1) 0%,rgba(0,64,94,1) 8%,rgba(0,43,64,1) 100%); filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#002b40', endColorstr='#002b40',GradientType=0 ); } .navbar .navline > li.current-menu-item > a { color: #ffffff; }
  10. Mobile Menu Width

    Hi there, Would love to know how to set the Mobile Menu trigger to a broader width than 480px. I would really like it to be right about 1175px. -James
  11. I am working on a new updated and complete "rtl.css" for PageLines framework. One of my problems are the arrows on drop-down menus. The arrows are not HTML Codes. They are images, and they are fine for most languages but using images makes them impossible to use for RTL scripts (Arabic, Hebrew) since they point to the wrong direction (as you see in the attached screenshot). I tried to replace some of them with new images but I could not fix one. You can see that in the screenshot. Please let me know if you have any suggestion to fix this.
  12. For some reason as soon as I add a Level 2 NAV to my site, the level one's slug gets messed up. Check the bottom left of the attached screenie for the menu item "Industries". It goes from "/industries" to "/#m1". This happens with any menu time I work with. Site URL: http://goo.gl/eSjqF This may not be a PL issue at all.
  13. In another thread when questioning why a click on a top level menu item in the new navbar does not link to the relevant page as it does with the classic navbar the response was "Twitter does it this way for a reason." - I assume this is to follow their interface standards? Both myself and others would prefer the behaviour of the classic navbar applied to the new one. The workaround of adding back the same page as a 'sub link' on the menu is not ideal and can even be confusing. Is there no way of overriding Twitter Bootstrap limitations? An add-on or hack of some kind?
  14. menu bar pla

    Hi, How do i place the menu like in the screenshot i've attached thx for your help Best
  15. Multilangue menù

    Hello everyone I have a problem I have need help to swich the Fixed Navigation Bar manù in different menù (like IT-menu and DE-menu) for built a multi-language website. any suggest? Thank very much FB
  16. Hi all, I've a problem in associate pages with menu items. In the page www.bienal-stp.org a have post references in page http://www.bienal-stp.org/exposicoes/ In this page, main menu "Exposições" and left menu "7ª Bienal" are highlighted, but when I enter in one post listed I loose both menus highlight. How can I do something like "highlight a menu item if the post page displayed is from a certain category" ?? Thanks Hugo
  17. Hi, I'd like to a add a sub header inside my menu, just like this: http://ompldr.org/vaTlxZA I know I can do this using custom code, but I would like to use the menu structure of WP. How can I do this? Also, if I would be forced to do this manually, what's the easiest way to get that html code inside the header? Do I have to copy the header.php inside my child theme and add it there?
  18. The top-menu works great, but when you change the scale of the browser, there is a button when you push on it, opens a menu that is on top of all. How to edit the menu responsive? http://migrationspace.com/ Thank you!
  19. Not sure whether this is a Pagelines, WordPress or my coding issue, but I have a multi-site install of wordpress (v 3.5.1), with Pagelines v2.3.5 and the Woocommerce plugin. I'm using a custom menu to display product categories on the left hand side of the page. Currently, when you hover over the 'Engine parts' category, the 'Aprilia' child category appears. There's also a grandchild and great grandchild category, but these don't appear on hover, but I'd like them to. Can anyone see where the error is? http://newtoseo.co.uk/parts-accessories/
  20. Menu links yield 404

    Hello everyone, mysterious problem, all links in the main nav are 404-ing. I have only one nav bar on the site right now. I've combed over everything but am missing something, would appreciate your help and here are the details: Website URL: http://murrayhillweaving.com/wordpress/ Framework Version: 2.4.1 pro WordPress Version: 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: Contact Form 7 AIO SEO Pack Event Espresso Lite Facebook Likes You NextGen Gallery
  21. For some technical reasons, we had to reinstall everything from scratch but after the process, we started experiencing some issues related to theme and thumbnails. 1- The Apple Style menu seems so thick. It used to be thinner than what it seems now. This is the screenshot I copied from Google cache... Not it looks like this: Even the outline is different. The second question is about the featured images shown incorrectly. Previously, when we define a featured image and then publish the article, we could get a 150x150 pixel thumbnail but this time we only get a resized of the featured image. Our features images have a size of 1070 px to 250 px. When the images were resized, we used to have a portion of the image at a size of 150x150 px. The difference can be seen in the screenshot... There are 4 posts you can see. The last one is one of the old ones and the other three are the new posts. You can see the difference. I have checked the Wordpress settings from WP Admin >> Settings >> Media and all the thumbnail settings are defined there....
  22. Hi there, How i can remove the active and hover background color from navmenu? I'm using simple CSS Lite but removing color doesn't work.. i have usual a lite grey on active and hover. Thanks for fast replay SF
  23. Hi all! I'm building a site with a main nav with single items (no dropdown) Consider my nav menu HOME EVENTS In EVENTS page, I enter in it and the item events is highlighted, everything OK. In this page I have a sidebar Menu with a list of events, so my most recent event is the page used in the nav menu for EVENTS item, I mean, when I click on menu item EVENTS i got to the page of my last event! When I change event in the side bar menu, I go to another event page but I would like to keep the EVENTS item of main nav highlighted (has if I hadn't changed page) Is it possible? Thanks Hugo
  24. Hi Nick, I'm trying to add some transparency to the sticky menu bar as I need to see more of the images. Tried styling a few things in CSS including .texture but that only made the whole page transparent. Any clues on this?
  25. Menu

    Frameworks 2.4 Web site: www.kinetixgroup.com Issues: menus I have drop down menus on the site, however you don't see any drop down menu on an iPad. Why don't the drop down menus display on iPad. Thank you.